[SHARE] CoRE - show & tell all about Pistons

If you load the CoRE smartapp the following will work for you.
You won’t need the lux reading if you don’t have one. You can just put in something like sunset to sunrise.
This way the light stays on while there is motion and will turn off 1 min after motion stops. This could be changed to what ever value you want.

You could also use the Smart Lighting app.

You can handle this with a single piston. I do this in a few of my rooms. This way if you turn the light on via the switch the light is already on and the first part of the piston is never called. If the room then becomes inactive, the light was not turned on by this piston and the local variable will be false and the second part will not be called, however it will if this piston does turn the light on via motion. Also, make sure to use a local variable and not global.

IF (
           motion_sensor CHANGES TO active
           light is off
    ) WHEN TRUE 
                { using light 
                  turn on
                  setVariable(lightOnByThisPiston = true) //<-- this is a local variable

          motion_sensor STAYS inactive FOR 1 minute
          lightOnByThisPiston = true //<-- this is a local variable
    ) WHEN TRUE 
               { using light, 
                  turn off
                  setVariable(lightOnByThisPistion = false) //<-- this is a local variable


Here is mine that does the same thing (I think) except I have a time range in mine also…


A simple piston to control a Sonos. Turns on if I’m home and after 12 (I enjoy my mornings quiet), resets the volume to low in case the roommate cranked it the night before, and turn off the speaker if I’m gone

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A piston to announce if my roommate comes home using a Sonos. But only in the evenings. This is nice because it turns up the volume to make the announcement, then resets it back to it’s previous level. There’s uncertainty in the forums about whether to use “Speak text and resume” or “Speak text and restore”, but for me, the resume continues from where the song was paused

I have one of those electric fake fireplaces/heaters that I’ve plugged into a smart outlet, and this piston turns it on if the room temperature dips below a set point via an ecobee3 remote sensor


Here’s my attempt at using the Latching Piston. I set it up to gradually raise the lights from the previous setting (assuming it was dimmed down to a low level) up to 90 percent brightness. Then when the motion sensor goes inactive for a while (ten minutes) the lights are dimmed down and turned off.

My wife wanted to call one of the kids out of her room without yelling across the house. Because the acoustics don’t work well for yelling, the kids wouldn’t have heard the call. So I created a virtual switch in ST and set the piston up as follows. I also have an Echo/Alexa so the wife can say, “Alexa turn on Call Sydney” and the lights will flash on and off in the kid room. That’s when Sydney knows to come out of her room because we are calling her. This is so much better than yelling. And with a properly trained kid, it’s very effective.


You should try EchoSistant for this…


What are you suggesting I use Echosistant for? I’ll take any creative suggestions. My wife wants to make a simple voice command to Alexa which notifies our daughter via blinking light since she may have her music on too loud to hear any other sounds like yelling or Text-To-Speech.

We’re about to release the next version of EchoSistant that allows for TTS as well controlling bulbs and switches. You’ll be able to turn on/off/flash/and change colors… Plus much more.

It may do what you need.

I use something like that in one of my night light pistons.

Look under the but if section. If the switch is on and motion stops then it waits and turns off. I put the wait in there so if the sensor detected motion again it would cancel the off portion and start over.

Probably not written very clean but it’s functional.

“Alexa tell Sydney your music is too loud”
“Alexa tell Sydney dinner is ready”
“Alexa tell Sydney go to bed”

In each of those cases, if you have a TTS capable speaker in Sydney’s room, it will say…

“Sydney your music is too loud”
“Sydney dinner is ready”
“Sydney go to bed”

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Oh! Thanks for the clarification. Actually, I have set up a virtual switch and made it available to Alexa. Then I created a CoRE Piston that does the light flashes along with resetting the switch that was activated by Alexa. So, now anyone can just tell Alexa to execute the piston via the switch. I’m looking forward to seeing the new capabilities of the Echosistant.

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I like the prospect of having the system do TTS, however, I don’t yet have such a speaker set up in her room. She has an Echo Tap but as of yet, Alexa can’t transfer commands or responses from one device to another.

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Is automatic worth the price? I have a OBD sensor that doesn’t talk to a service but provides me with car info. Location stuff I just do with my phone.

Is Bloomsky a physical weather meter?

The “Bloomsky” is a personal weather station. More info on the device: https://community.smartthings.com/t/bloomsky-weather-station

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How do I get one of these…

Dang, @bamarayne, you missed out the BloomSky Outdoor Weather Station giveaway earlier this year. They (www.bloomsky.com) where giving away the v1 (Sky1) of the station as part of their community outreach program — ~$20 for the cost of shipping. I snagged two of them :smile:

Current station is the Sky2 with an optional addon, Storm (for rain and wind measurements).

I know!!! I was getting in on that and something happened and I forgot about it…

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