Severe Weather Warning SmartApp: How to Reduce Frequency of Notifications

I use this iOS SmartApp but when it’s predicting severe weather, I get a push notification every 10 minutes, sometimes for hours or even much of the day. Is there any way, short of disabling the SmartApp altogether, to reduce the frequency of the notifications?

In looking at the code, the comments say at the top and half of the hour, but the actual code in the example is every 10 minutes.

schedule("0 */10 * * * ?", "checkForSevereWeather")

Change the “10” above to 30 for every half hour.

Thanks for the feedback. Not being a developer, I have no idea how to modify the code. And if I do, will that modification be overwritten when the app is updated?

To change any of the existing behavior I am afraid you’ll have to become a “developer”. The process is:

1.) Log into the IDE.
2.) Create a new SmartApp.
3.) Load the code from the example Severe Weather Warning into your new SmartApp.
4.) Make the desired changes.
5.) Publish your new app “for Me” (meaning you).

You will then see it under “My Apps”. Install this one, and uninstall the one you have now.

Ah, I see. Well, that is probably not going to happen anytime soon. So, I guess I’ll lobby SmartThings Support.


Awesome. This was just what I needed. I was away last week, and the SmartApp sent me so many “Small Craft Advisories” due to Hurricane Arthur I almost lost it. Although my house is very close to the Atlantic Ocean, it is not a boat.

There was already a filter function defined, and I simply had to add that text to get rid of them.

Although I am a “developer”, I haven’t read the DSL documentation and it was very easy to follow along with the code. This was so easy to do. If you have any inclination to change a SmartApp, you should at least try.

I’m not afraid to try, but I would have no idea where or how to even start…

Doesn’t help. I still get 3-4 “Thunderstorm watch” alerts in an hour even with the */30 fix mentioned above. I think it’s a general problem with polling for alerts from the NWS. There are other ways to be notified, I might try’s severe weather alerts. I’ve been using their precipitation alerts for two years now.

The Developers link at the top right of this very page is where.

I just installed this app the other day for the first time. Had to uninstall it since it keeps telling me in the middle of the night about frost advisories. Should be an option to say only notify me during X hours

No problem like that with the App here in Florida! :smile:

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Yeah, I guess I thought it was going to tell me about tornados and hurricanes. Perhaps they should also let you select what types of weather you care about.

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I did not have that smartapp installed and was still getting the alerts.
I do have the nest manager installed

Did notice that the alerts started since I upgraded the code last week. Have disabled the weather alerts in nest manager. Let’s hope that fixes the issue

Can samsung support fix this already??

@Marc99, look here for a fix. It was discussed recently.

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I made a version where the frequency is a variable setting. It should work. Try it!