Several Sylvania products - Deal day of the Day at Amazon (April 8, 2019)

How are the A19 bulbs? I thought I read somewhere that they do not work very well, but I could be mistaken…

I didn’t have good luck with the Sylvania/Osram A19s. I have FlexStrips, GardenSpots and the 5/6" RGBW cans throughout my house. A19 white were constantly dropping off and breaking Zigbee mesh. However there have been reports that was fixed.

I have a mix of indoor flex strips, outdoor flex strips and all types of A19 bulbs and they all work very well. Just have to make sure to leave them powered 100% of the time since they are zigbee repeaters.

Odd, I can’t order one of these on Amazon to get shipped to my CA address. Never had this problem before with light bulbs - any one else running into this?

Someone mentioned a clearance sale the other day because their packaging was missing a warning necessary for California. Maybe same situation here?

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Any advantage on the Smart Plug over the IKEA Tradfri ones? They are both ZigBee but even with this sale, the IKEA one is cheaper.

While not long installed, thus far, I am having good results with the A19 dimmable cool white bulbs. No drops etc… I did recieve one bulb that was bad but it was promptly replaced.