Homeseer WD-100+ Association Issue

Hello all. I am attempting to use my WD-100+ to control, via association, two Kichler 12357s. I’ve read through all the posts on the WD-100+ device and I’m still confused. I was able to use Z-Wave tweaker to associate the to Kichler devices and the switch so you could use the buttons on the Kichler and control the switch, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it the other way around (switch control lights). A few things:

  1. WD-100+ is Z-Wave + with only channel 1 lifeline support
  2. Kichlers are Z-Wave rev1

I modified the WD-100+ to put the ID for both Kichlers as Associated Group Members. When I press the switch I see it send out the command but for some reason the Kichlers don’t pick it up. If I set up the Kichlers the same way they can pick up each others commands and the WD-100+ switches too. Does anyone know if I’m doing something wrong or is there an inherint incompatibility with using Z-Wave+ Lifeline for group communications? Any advice on other things I could try?


Z wave association changed significantly with zwave plus.

The lifeline group, which is required of all zwave plus devices, is intended only for messages between that device and the hub, such as battery status. It is not for use where one end device controls another. That would typically be used in Association group two now.

If a zwave plus device only supports Association group one, it’s almost the same as if an older Z wave device didn’t support association at all. That is what is happening with this device.

Homeseer switch uses central scene commands. So they generally don’t feel the need to use association because they can just use a central scene instead. So I think that’s what most people would do in the set up that you’re describing.

You have the Homeseer switch send the command to the hub, and then the hub send the command to the Kichlers. It should work fine, although with perhaps a slight amount of additional lag relative to direct association.

Thanks, that’s what I was afraid of. I was trying to keep everything local so I was hoping I could use associations to have the switch directly speak to the Kichlers but still be able to use the awesome community created device handler for it for advance stuff. I guess I need to just use the switch with the default dinner handler to keep things local. Sigh. Does anyone know if the Cooper switches support this?