Setting device preferences in CLI

Going more nuts that normal with ST. I can READ device preferences just fine in the CLI with


and I get nice output like:

preferenceType: string
value: ‘1’
preferenceType: integer
value: 12

But how do I SET one of the preferences on the device? For example, how would I change the tempTrigger to 12 and send it back to the device?

Hi @Jon_DeLee welcome to SmartThings Community

Unfortunately is not possible to set the value of a preference using the CLI or the API, only can set this value using SmartThing App.

What’s the brand and model of the device? If it is hub connected, you can usually set preferences with a custom edge driver. :thinking:

I have a SmartThings hub V2.

As I mentioned, I tried to set it with the settings on the custom driver but it seems that you have a bug there 0 is a 1, 1 is a 2, etc.


Brand and model number of the device? And which edge driver is it using? Maybe it’s just a bug in the edge Driver. :thinking: