Setting Arrival Sensor time of day settings and a timeout?

I’m using my iPhone as my arrival sensor to activates lights when I approach my home. But I can’t figure out two things.

  1. Can I set the routine to only happen after a certain time of day? E.g. If Sunset time is 6pm then activate “Entry On” routine. I don’t need the lights to come on when I arrive in the middle of the afternoon. I have Sunset setup in my routine, but anytime I arrive the routine still activates.

  2. I would like my lights to turn off after 5 minutes of arrival without having to manually activate the routine via my iPhone. I already have the “Entry Off” routine created.

Is this possible?

You will get a number of answers to this because there is always more than one way to do something in SmartThings. The first part is easy. Have a routine change the house mode to night (or evening, or whatever you want to call the after sunset mode). Then Smart Lighting can turn on the lights in question upon arrival but only when the house is in night mode.

As for the 2nd part, I don’t know the way for you to do that but I know there is an app that exists for it. I’m sure someone will add that in a subsequent post.

There is also CORE (which I have no experience with) but I know enough about it to know it’s very powerful and allows for triggers and conditions that allow you to do almost anything. There is also an active group of CORE users willing to assist with configuration.


Here is some additional info from another thread posted today that might help with turn off the light after a certain being on a certain time.

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