Set value for the built in Simulated Temperature Sensor

Is there a way to set a value for the built in Simulated Temperature Sensor from within a SmartApp. (webCoRE is not an option for me)

don’t know,

but for example the simulated power meter, has up-down buttons to increment the value within the Classic-phone-app - that works for testing. If your simulated temp does not, then you could compare-copy-paste.

The reason I want to do this is that I written a SmartApp that selects the lowest temperature of several sensors. That way I’m sure that I have a temperature that is not directly affected by the sun.
If I can set that temperature as a value to a simulated/virtual sensor, then it’s easy to present that temperature on ActionTiles.

I have a bit similar question: How to set temperature value from our national weather institute’s open api to a simulated temperature sensor in smartthings and update it every 10 min? This way I wouldn’t have to buy my own outdoor temp sensor. This is the http get query (the latest temperature is the last value in the response):