DTH for precise Simulated Temperature Sensor in Celsius needed

Hi there,

I’ve been at this for hours : for use in ActionTiles, I really need to set up a virtual temperature sensor in Smartthings.

There is one Smartthings original DTH findable in the IDE called Simulated Temperature Sensor, but it does not answer my needs : I’m in Europe, and for celcius temperatures, having a 1°C precision is not quite good.

So here is what I would really need : a simple Simulated Temperature Sensor which increments temperatures with gaps of 0.5° instead of 1°. I do not need to it to show °C instead of °F, it’s really just about being more precise.

I’ve tried by myself to edit the official device handler’s code, but I’m not a coder and none of my attempts worked.

If someone is able to create this kind of DTH, I would be very grateful.

Even a DTH for a Simulated dimmer would work, as long as I can set it more precisely 0.5 by 0.5%.