Set multiple dimmers to different values with one click

This does not seem like it should be this hard, but I can not find a way to push one button (in app) and set Living Room Dimmer to 25% and Kitchen Dimmer to 5%. (Both are Z-wave dimmers if that matters)

I just converted from another controller and it was easy to do this.

Any thoughts?

if you make a “routine” that should be possible.
Correct me if im wrong.

Create a Virtual Button.

Use either two automation of Smart Lighting (one for each light) or one in CoRE/WebCoRE using the Virtual Button press as a trigger to set your levels.

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I would recommend using CoRe the community rule engine and creat a Piston for your needs.
If Livingroom Burron 1 is pushed AND mode is Good Evening!
Turn on all following lights:
Wall light 1 and set to 60% lightng.
Wall light 2 and set it to 45% lighting.

Something like that.

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As others have mentioned, there are two different approaches to this, but since you’re new to SmartThings I just wanted to clarify a bit.

As you’ve noticed, the official features will only support one dimming level per automation, which is pretty annoying. But people can and do set up one automation for each light, all using the same trigger. That will work, it’s just more effort to set up and it can be a lot more effort to keep track of what you’ve done with everything.

The alternative is to use core, which is a community created rules engine, essentially a scripting language for SmartThings. Very powerful and allows for all sorts of sophisticated automations. If you have a technical background, you will probably like it very much. Even if you don’t, there are many community members who will be glad to help you set up any specific rule.

So those are the two basic choices. You use the official features and set up one automation per device all using the same trigger or use core and set up one automation that does everything you want to do. :sunglasses:

If you want that trigger to be an Icon in the mobile app rather than a button on a physical device, you will also need to create a virtual device to act as that button. That’s pretty simple, and once you’ve created it it will show up on the list with all your other devices so you can use it as an icon in the mobile app, to trigger a routine, etc. Here’s the FAQ for that:

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Thank you for taking such time for a detailed answer.

I was hoping it would be a little easier than that. CoRe looks powerful, but also like a new hobby (or 2nd job). I will have to try to dig into it next week.
It was MUCH easier in my last controller, but that one was MUCH harder to get running!

Thanks again to you and everyone who replied.


OK, so I got up early and loaded up CoRE. Great advice. I was able to create a virtual switch and upon change execute 2 tasks, on for each dimmer at a specific level. CoRE is much more like the home automation I was used to.

Thanks again.


You are most welcome. CoRe was created for ST users by ST community in responce to the lack of advanced rule managment. Hope you get a lot of milage out of it.

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