Set mode based on wireless charge on/off? (tasker sharptools discontinued)

Hi, not sure if this is the right subforum but here goes. I have been using ST for many years now and the last year or so it has just been running along. I have taken some action where needed when it comes to groovy end of live but besides that not much have been done last few years

One of my most used routines is the tasker going to bed/waking up. Basically, when phone is put on bed table with integrated wireless charger at night: using tasker to change some phone settings and activate “night” mode using the Sharp Tools Tasker Plugin. The night mode triggers scenes, sthm etc. At morning, remove phone from charger, set to “home” and change phone settings back

Yesterday, modes stopped working from Sharp Tools (I knew this was coming), so what are my options now?

  • Sharp Tools, subscription, http trigger? I only have to make some changes to my tasker routine right?
  • Tried Bixby routines, I can achieve the functionality when charging the phone, but i can seem to solve the “remove from wireless charging” in the morning
  • Google assistant. Not sure? Have only found the possibility to activate the good nioght routine using voice or porssibly a set schedule

Before searching further. What options do I have? Any comments to the options above?


You create “Http Request” Tasks in Tasker to turn ST devices on and off using the device ID.


As you already use Tasker, you might want to take a look at SmartThings Rest API using Tasker - SmartApps & Automations - SmartThings Community.

@Paul_Oliver has given you the essence of making a call to the SmartThings API and @Jake_Mohl has run with it.


I believe I have a tasker task in the thread @orangebucket linked to that will handle location modes.


Have you tried adding a time period to not charging status in bixby rotines ?

Oddly, the time settings in Bixby routines seem to be more flexible that ST offerings

When not charging
Between (your time pref)
Then smartthings


Thanks. I’ll try it out. Maybe it is the way they word it but it sounds like that will trigger whenever (during that time period) the device is not connected to charge. If I’m not at home and the device isn’t charging I dont want the trigger to run. In tasker it is an “exit” from the trigger, i.e. unplugging. But it might be good enough. I found it strange that the routines did not contain a specific “unplug from charger”. However, the exit trigger is nearly not as important as entry. I could most likely do with a ‘IF night AND time is HH:MM then switch to home’

Thanks for pointing to the “Http Request” in the Rest API, I will go have a look at it

I was doing something similar with tasker. I set up a Bixby routing to trigger when wireless charging and during a specific time period and it can connect to Smartthings. I turn off a light ect…

I also set one for when I take it off the charger.

Took a couple attempts for things to stick and me to set routine correctly. But seems to be working for me.

It’s only been a week so I can’t testify to the reliability of it.
Here is a screenshot of the start routine.

If your phone finishes charging at any point, removing it from a charger will have no affect though no matter what way you try it, the time based way was more meant for a short time period as i assumed it would be with you at all times, not left somewhere

I have solved exactly the same issue using a smart plug and rule if energy consumption is higher than some threshold then the phone is charging.
works well for both iOS and Android smartphones.

I also added an extra rule to limit the charging current and time to keep the phone cool while charging at night.

I’m not sure I agree when it comes to wireless charging. For the last 5 years or so I have had the current solution with Tasker. The phone is fully charged every morning. The second I remove it from the wireless pad it identifies that and exists the task.

I have tried the Bixby solution a while now and it works fine as well. The “Not charging” trigger will only be fired when removing the phone from the wireless pad, not when the phone is fully charged.

So it worked :+1: excellent, will keep that in mind as i may well use that same trigger

I agree, my remove from charge Bixby routine also works when my phone is taken off. I have set fast wireless charging off to allow my phone to charge slower overnight and reduce heat.

I’m sure most nights it still finishes way before I ever get up.