Septic Alarm Notification

I have a contact sensor wired to alarm on my septic system. I am trying to use core to setup alert if is triggered (goes from open to closed condition). The issue is the alarm on the septic doesnt stay on when its triggered, its flashes on/off along with siren that does same. When setting up a piston how do i account for this so i dont get a new alert every second or so as the alarm cycles on/off? I need to notification in core/smartthings when alarm first triggers but then dont need them anymore unless i clear the nofitication or reset alarm and it happens again. Even if its just matter of setting a time limit since last trigger/notification that would be helpful. Thanks!

I did something similar for a mailbox door sensor. Since I didn’t want notifications when someone goes to get the mail, only when it is delivered, I set it to only alert once per day. I think that might work in your scenario. Of course you could set any interval you like.

BTW, this was a simple “Automation” and did not require Core.


Here’s how I did it:

Set the time value to something larger than 5 minutes in your case.

Thanks. I’ll give this a try

I may be wrong, but having recently dealt with an alarm condition on my septic system, the input to the alarm is probably an on or off condition from a float switch in the tank. The on/off condition is caused by the alarm circuitry itself. Connect your sensor to the alarm input, not the output. Sorry in advance if I misunderstand your problem.

Thanks. This is actually aerobic system not septic. There is control panel on it that has siren and light. I have contact sensor wired into those.

Earlier suggestion for how to set this up in core worked.