Sensors Webhook from Groovy to?


I have a couple of simulated motion and simulated contact sensors which are being updated using a smartapp receiving a webhook update.
This is working very well so far, except a couple of problems in the last weeks.

With Groovy going away, is there an easy way to convert this for a non Expert developer.

Trying to get ready for the future.

thanks for your advice.


Try the Samsung automation studio.

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If you have your own hosting you could create a simple script in your choice of language that makes a call to the REST API.

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Thanks for the info. I will try the 2 proposed solutions. Hope there is good tutorials.

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@prjct92eh2 , @orangebucket

Thanks for the suggestion on using Samsung Automation studio. I was able to connect and control light switches, and get the status on a simulated motion and contact sensors. I was able to achieve the same thing using a Node Red instance with Smartthings palette hosted locally.

But I cannot force the status of the contact or motion sensor to (Open/close, Active/inactive). it is probably a capability thing!!!

My goal is to update a simulated contact sensor using a rest api without any smartapp, custom DTH and no groovy.

Any idea what the problem is.


The Simulated Contact Sensor hasn’t been updated for about three years and uses custom commands to set the contact attribute to open or closed. That’s a legacy concept and never one that was particularly encouraged.

Current integrations are capability based so I’d imagine the open and close commands just aren’t accessible.

I don’t consider the collection of ‘Simulated’ sensors as stock sensors and I’d never use one as anything but a test device.