Sensitive motion sensors?

I am looking for 2 motion sensors that are extremely sensitive.

I ordered some Monoprice Z-Wave plus 4-in-one sensors that I’ve come to my wits end in a span of about 4 hours. It takes a whole lot of movement to trip it, even on it’s most sensitive setting. My bathroom is on the inside of the house with no windows, light is key but not lights that match the sun :wink:

The other sensor, I need for the hallway is a motion sensor that gives an on signal every time it senses motion.

The reason:
I don’t like putting my hue bulbs at full-blast in the bathroom, so, I use a motion sensor for this. On the way out of the bathroom, I need it to turn off. I might be in there just grabbing my SmartWatch or longer for a shower. But, a one minute time to wait to trip the exit sensor (hallway) is just too long.

For those who don’t know, hue bulbs, when turned on by the switch turn on full blast white.

Any recommendations?

The first thing to look at is the placement of the motion sensors. You may be able to improve the response time of the sensors you already have.

Check out the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

My best experiences are with Iris sensors that Lowes sells - quick response and don’t require a rhino running through the room to notice movement.

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Agreed. They’re the only motion sensors I use. Extremely responsive with a quick reset.

Both of those motion sensors are less than 10 feet from the ST hub. Wood/sheetrock walls.

I have LED reporting on, once it flashes, the lights go on immediately. So, they are just quite slow.

Did you get a chance to read the placement FAQ? Where is the sensor placed in relation to the person walking into the room?

The motion sensor is on the counter facing straight to the opposing wall… It allows it to see me coming from the side and also at the other end of the bathroom.

My Insteon sensor had no problems in the same area.

Like I said, it does come on after I’m in the bathroom for about 10secs. I think it must be the sensor because, I had to pair it multiple times because it fell off the Z-Wave network at least 2 times. Both hallway and bathroom.

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I will try that.

Also, after a little bit of time without me screwing with them, they also seemed to have gotten a lot better.


I’m going to reply to my own thread to make it known that the Fibaro Motion Sensors v3.2 that I just got, do everything I needed.

Zero window time.
Very sensitive to motion.

Was kinda getting a little bit pissed that Z-Wave was not reporting in a timely manner. This does it perfectly!