Sending Local HTTP Command on Physical Button Press?

Hi All,

I’m very new to SmartThings and have only basic coding skills. I’m looking to send a local HTTP command to a gatecontroller only within specific hours of the day upon the press of a physical Zigbee Button.

I found this awesome Device Handler SmartThings-SC/HTTP_Button.groovy at master · chancsc/SmartThings-SC · GitHub that allows the sending of an HTTP command via a virtual button and this seems to work well, does anyone know how I can take this code and turn it into a SmartApp that can run upon the pressing of a button?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


As that handler has the Momentary capability (which gives you a virtual button in the app UI), you should be able to ‘push’ that button in an Automation. So ‘if physical button is pushed then push the virtual button’.

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Hi Graham,

Thanks for your suggestion, for some reason the virtual switch that makes the http call does not show in the ‘control devices’ option within automation.


That’s odd. I just installed the handler and created a device and it appeared in the Automations actions for me (in the Android app).

Ah, my error! When I added it the first time I added into a different location, thank you! I will try this out!

Webcore… you can use webcore

I’ve seen a few messages mention webcore, what is it, any good docs to read?