Sending HTTP PUT to smartapp

Hi, I have a lot of knowledge on java and how to actually send the HTTP PUT from the java language. I also know how to convert a cURL request into the java request. I’ve searched pretty much everywhere and the lack of documentation is really really bad for this platform. How do you find the url to send the PUT request to and where can I find the oauth token? In the PUT reuquest do you put any data with it?

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Search the docs for createAccessToken - you will find an example…

Documentation is pretty good. You have to authenticate, manage the token and use that to discover the endpoint.

If you just want an endpoint to call with an API key, take a look at my Beddi_Connect app. I create a webpage inside thee smartApp that lists the endpoints. I took this idea from @MichaelS AskAlexa. I did not have the need to create a full fledged app to manage the token.

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