Private Info in Restful Smart App

Hey peoples,

I have a smartapp I would like to pass around for some internal beta testing. From what I can tell, the only way to do this is to mark an app as “is shared”. The only problem right now is that the app contains a url to talk to an internal service that we don’t want public yet. I’m unable to copy and paste between users as we also have an oauth aspect to deal with.

Has anyone come up with any way to pass/store data into a smartapp? Can I do a restful call to store the url? Can I pass data into an oauth call to have a field pre-populated? any ideas would be appreciated.


@halkeye can you go a bit more in-depth? You want to just hide the specific data or the entire code?

@urman Um, the end result is I want a url in the code not published anywhere (yet). I’m open to any way this can be done. So far the only way I can think of doing it is manually entering it as a preference. It’s the best I’ve come up with so far.


Have you solved the oauth issue yet?

I have an existing app that currently talks to a diy hub I build at home to control various ble stuff. I also got a starter kit from smart things, it comes with a hub and contact sensor and a motion detector. I have used the REST api from smart things to discover sensors in my app but I’m also lost at how can I share this app with other users so they can login as their own account?

Just make the url an input for the install settings of the app. Email the url to the “special people” and share the rest.


This may be more complicated than you want, but I handle it outside of smartthings. I have an external webserver where users can link their smartthings account and it is all handled transparently. If you are familiar with ruby I already have the oAuth provider and a simple ruby client for ST.