Seems like changing driver is broken

When changing a driver on Android, I get a blank page and nothing happens.
Anyone else has the same issue


on both android and iOS. many users are reporting it.

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Yes, I can confirm this behavior on Android. Clearing the cache didn’t help :frowning:

Is that preview of new app :thinking:

Same issue here. Cannot change drivers for any devices.

Same here. This is kinda a big deal. I have some devices that was not working with the current edge drive and would like to change back to the edge driver that works but the app will not allow me.

Is there an ETA on a fix? I called Samsung and was told EDGE drivers are not currently supported. Someone really needs to update their training.

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You can switch drivers using the API. You ask it for a list of installed drivers that work with your device and then tell it to switch to the one you want. The CLI will do it for you.

I can also confirm this new bug.

Fyi @nayelyz


Smartthings app broke something else. 1st on Android, then after known issues they rolled it out on apple, too. Wow.

Same here…white page when changing driver. Don’t they test things like this!?

We are testers

Hi, everyone, please follow this thread where there’s a discussion about the latest version of the app, there’s a workaround mentioned in this post:

That is most certainly a workaround that only highly technical folks would be able to implement. You’re out of beta now; SmartThings really needs to be significantly more cautious before they release updates that will break core functionality, and much faster at implementing fixes to major issues. You can’t expect non-technical users (the majority) to engage in these kinds of workarounds.


Yea, I got kinda pissed when I was told CLI was the work around. And since this work around exists there is not hurry to fix the broken change edge driver. CLI is not really a solution for the average user.

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This isn’t the reason why we suggest workarounds, even if there’s one we understand not everyone can use it, it’s similar to “emergencies only” so you don’t lose the functionality of a device.
I apologize if this was misinterpreted, this is considered a critical bug that we already escalated (and the team is working on the fix).


Just reposting this here in case you’re not following the other thread: