Seeley Magiqtouch integration into Smartthings?

Has anyone tried to integrate the Seeley Magiqtouch Wifi controller into Smartthings?
It connects to and works with Alexa (Magiqtouch skill) for controlling it on/off/zones/temp etc however I was hoping it could connect to Smartthings for greater control and automation.
The Alexa routines just arent good enough and Smartthings cant see whats happening on the controller.

I can use the Virtual Switch idea to use it in automations from either Smartthings or webCoRE however I cant get proper feedback from Alexa about the status of the Magiqtouch controller.
Any thoughts or pointing me in the right direction?

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?

Thanks but it doesnt quite cover what I am after.

I can set it up with a Virtual switch and have a Smartthings Automation to control that which then gets Alexa to turn on the heater and the zones. I have the problem of no feedback of status from Alexa due to its one way information flow and not being able to use switches to trigger routines.

I dont know how to integrate it any other way and whether SmartApps and DTH are an option. Thats all a bit above my head at the moment and hence why I asked if anyone else has done it before?

No other way that I’ve seen, hopefully others will chime in if they know of one.

Otherwise, as the FAQ says you would need to get in touch with the manufacturer and ask them if they have an “open API“ or if they plan to create a smartthings integration.

As of last year, the responsibility for the integration is now up to the device manufacturers, not smartthings, a smartthings now publishes the information for how they can do it.

Hi Timmy211,

Did you manage to get this working. Can you please share your settings. I have the MagIQTouch controller on my evaporative cooler and I want to set it up with ST

So I got an alexa, I use a virtual contact sensor with switch and use a routine to turn my Magiqtouch on and off - you can automate it in alexa too btw, depending on the temperature etc. :

Use that sensor to automate the on / off process in the routine

Revisiting an old thread. Aside from simple on/off through Alexa, is there any way to use a virtual thermostat device Edge Driver to control the magiqtouch?

Is it possible to populate the vThermostat with the info from the Seeley app?