securitySystem capability Arm fail using STSDK but disarm works and other odd issues

I receive the popup “A network or server error occured. Try again later.” When I try and Arm Stay or Away using the securitySystem capability with a direct connected ST device.

I see no message on the IoT device from the cloud in response to Arming.

I captured this from my phones log.

09-17 14:37:46.485 24316 24452 E [-8]oneconnect[][PLUGIN_WEB_APPLICATION]: CommonJsInterfaceImplExtension.scpluginProdAnalyticsLogInsert - Exception: - org.json.JSONException: Value armedStay at value of type java.lang.String cannot be converted to long

I am still trying to determine if this is something I missed when initializing the capabilities on the IoT device. I am not able to find much/any docs on the capability.

Any help is appreciated.

Hay @erickv

Any thoughts on this issue. It is reproducible and AFAIK it is not an issue in my code on the Embedded side. The problem seems to be in the cloud. I also have other questions that I can’t to find answers for so hopefully I can get others to chime in :slight_smile:

I am sure many of my questions are well documented but as of now I have not been able to find any details on these specific questions.

Thanks for any and all support of my project it is much appreciated.

  • healthCheck does not seem to send PING. How do you kick off health checking and set how often a PING is sent?
  • How can the user send an ARG. Can I build a dropdown the user can select from that is sent to the Embedded device so it can in effect be “configured”.
  • Does any form of “Confirm” momentary button exist. A Panic button that wont be too easy to trip on accident.
  • I need to show N(max 10) number of Zones states to the end user. 1. How do I dynamically create capabilities inside of a Component. 2) Can I create an Array of capabilities inside of a component. I can’t figure out how to have 10 contact capabilities inside of one Component. Having 10 Components for a simple list of ON/OFF states seems difficult for the end users.
  • Can I create folders? A way or organize components?

@mathewss Did you find any solution to this?

Sorry nothing new. If I do find anything I will report back to this thread. Please do the same. I am watching this thread closely.

I mentioned a few specific areas so up vote specific features I mentioned or new ones that are in the same vein. My biggest issue is again some form of MULTI button.

A new one to add to my list.
On the “Add automation” screen when you select a device it shows no info on the device name making the interface very difficult to use. This falls under the category of not being able to update static text of common components over the MQTT protocol.

I think the armStay and armAway doesn’t work because they require an argument (bypassAll) while disarm works because it doesn’t require any arguments. Still this needs to be fixed as securitySystem is live capability and it should be working.

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I ended up removing it from my project and just used a momentary for each arm / disarm option. Also this needs more than just stay and away. MAX, NIGHT, INSTANT are common alarm states that should be added or we need a way to add custom ones.

I tried replicating the systemSecurity capability into custom one, that didn’t work either and the disarm command stops work in custom capability as well, seems everything is broken or half baked at this point in time.

I encountered this issue a few months back. The obvious connection between the securitySystem capability and the STHM status makes me wonder if there is actually a clash.

Certainly in legacy device handlers the attribute namespace is shared and flat so attribute names have to be unique. The ‘SHM status’, which in capability terms is the alarmSystemStatus attribute of the alarmSystem capability, was an attribute of the location, and it would make sense if the ‘STHM status’ is implemented in a similar fashion, albeit somewhat more securely.

Or it might just be a cock up. It certainly almost works.