Security Camera - Drone Based

I am sure this will be an immature offering but it is 1st gen AFAIK. Outdoor, Indoor and Automobile based systems like this that are reliable would be very interesting indeed. Scary. But interesting.

This is a drone based outdoor security camera system that detects issues and sends the drone to investigate and capture footage.


This is cool. I want one. I can’t find a price. Just $25 to reserve and $100 off the final price. Did you see anything?


I like the concept, not sure I want this particular one so I have’t dug into it too far.

What would be interesting is if we got to a point where any number of triggers - again - Outdoor, Indoor, or even as part of an automobile - launches a swarm of mini drones. LOL… I laugh because it seems absurd, but if we can do this reliably it would be amazing.

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I wonder where it charges. If the drone is always outside, it seems like a good target for theft.

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An ideal situation would put the charging station up high, like on the roof, or even in a cubby.

But, there are robo lawn mowers that dock themselves outside. I think a differentiator here is that this system, or a good system, could detect the activity before the intruder could get to a docking station and launch the drone to investigate and therefore the drone is in the air and mobile making it difficult to intercept!

Just for laughs – I think I will hold off until they add a couple of shotguns to it.


You’re going to need a massive stabilized drone to handle the recoil!

I think we should just make it drop sharp objects on the intruder.

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I think a taser would be more fun to watch and probably have less recoil. :slight_smile:


I was thinking of making one of those RC cars with camera mounted on it but this is better.

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How much will the system cost?

We are targeting $159 per Smart Light and $799 for the Flying Camera. The system will also be available as a subscription. If you reserve your place today, you will receive $100 off when we ship.

From their FAQ


Smart Light? I assumed those 4 things in the picture were some kind of RF beacon that provides a geofence so the drone doesn’t stray (kinda like Invisible Fence only much higher) :grin:

I like the idea but doubt the FAA will grant a waiver for the many rules this violates:

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Part 107 is only if you fly it for commercial purposes. As long as you are not flying it for $$, I don’t see an issue with this. Especially since this would ideally be only flown over your own property and well below the 400’ level. Many drones have the ability to fly waypoint missions and beyond line of sight. I think only real issue is if you fly it at night.

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You may be right but this may be considered non-recreational:

“The drone must be flown strictly for recreational or hobby purposes, any use that has even an incidental business purpose likely does not qualify”

My experience with bureaucracies is if there is the slightest doubt, the rule applies.

Yes you can use a drone that exceeds altitude and line of vision rules through waypoints, however, this is still a violation. Yes, selling such a device today may not violate FAA rules, but the operator will be violating FAA rules.

I wish we could “legally” use something like this. Unfortunately, it may be some time before the rules catch up to the needs.

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It’s my hobby.

See you in court.


Here’s another, on Indiegogo back in March. Fully funded, but delayed until 11/2017.

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And a security robot:


This is awesome. I wanted to try and do something similar with my AR drone but this is spot on. Too bad the cost is prohibitive.

And is building security drones:


Needs more tazer/firearm/handgrenade