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I found a thread specific to the Securifi key fob here, but it looks like they have many sensors that utilize Zigbee. I just found their water sensor for $25 on Amazon.

[quote]Compatible with ZigBee Products
Protects Home or Property from Water Damage
Built-in Tamper Switch for Additional Protection
Slim, Weather-Resistant Design
Radio Frequency 2.4GHz RF
Communication Range Open Air: 100M (Max.)
ZigBee Channel 11, 14, 15, 19, 20, 24, 25
Switch Tamper Tamper Switch x 1
Water Sensor Cable Length 3M (10 ft)
LED Indicator Green LED x 1
RF Supervision Interval 60 Mins[/quote]

They also list several other products on their website:

Has anyone had any luck linking these with SmartThings?


No integration as far as I know yet. If someone does get it figured out, I have 2 motion sensors and a keyfob that I would love to use with SmartThings.


I’m looking at the flood sensor right now, and it’s 10 bucks less than other similar items out there.

Any new info on this yet?

I am currently working on integrating the Securifi Leak sensor. It will pair with SmartThings. Very slowly making progress.

Keyfob and open/close sensors work great with ST, motion not so much!!

Any luck getting the Securifi leak sensor working with Smartthings?

Hi Peter,

I have been to busy remodeling my bathroom to work on it much, but it is still on my To-Do-List.

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