Secure Together SRT321/SSR303 or Horstmann ASR-ZW/HRT4-ZW (Updated DTH in post 61)

Thanks for the quick response. Something very strange happened. While I was out of the house and weirdly about the time I posted this, the Thermostat suddenly started to wake up every 10 mins and accept commands as of 1930hrs tonight​:grin::grin:. I checked my @meavydev file against yours anyway just to double check and they were the same as I had made the update previously. It’s working perfect now. :crossed_fingers:

The only minor issue I have now is that the boiler switch status doesn’t update automatically in the app. I have to press refresh to get it to update. Do you use a horstmann asr-zw/secure ssr303 boiler switch aswell? If so does it update its status automatically?

Are you using the boiler switch on its own or with a stat?

Yeah ASR-ZW boiler controller being controlled by the HRT4-ZW thermostat. I also have the modified DTH you put up for the controller on another thread to act as a relay rather than a thermostat.

I would have hoped the status of the the boiler switch would be instantly updated seeing that it is mains powered and not battery operated like the Thermostat.

Need to update that thread :slight_smile:

Using the switch on its own caused me issues as you may have read. The problem being that the switch enters a failsafe mode and shuts down if it doesn’t get a heartbeat form the stat every 15 mins, in my case I wanted to use it to control a circulation pump which ran 3 or 4 times a day for more than 15 mins. I’d built the logic to account for the 15 minutes but I couldn’t bear looking at the red fail safe light on the actuator :slight_smile: The whole fail safe thing makes complete sense. If the stat’s battery dies then the heating shuts down. I gave up in the end and replaced with an Aeotec micro switch which just works.

I have a 3 zone system running happily on these stats and switches. I’m not doing anything to clever with them. Couple of set point changes at timed schedules (no location stuff as not really applicable). Although I have a webcore rule that shuts the all the stats down to 10c when the house is in Away mode.

Like I said it’s only a minor issue the rest is working pretty well. Just have to set up some schedules now. Tried today with a schedule but it seemed to totally lock it and no adjustments could be made outside the schedules. Don’t think my cold blooded missus would appreciate it but it would save me a fortune :joy::joy:

Another issue I have discovered today which I’m not sure is a ST issue or a google/Alexa issue. I am trying out both voice assistants and I can adjust tempaerature if the Thermostat is in ‘heat’ mode but cannot control it when it is in ‘off mode’ e.g. Temp has been set to 15degC previously so the boiler stays off, you want heat so ask Google/Alexa to set thermostat to 20degC but the reply is the Thermostat is off so I cannot make adjustments. I wonder if there is anyway to modify the DTH to say report some other state rather than off, like cooling perhaps. I have no idea about the coding for this but it is something I will be looking to learn a bit about :grinning:

Hi all thought I’d chime in with my setup, may help others…

I have an SRT321 using meavydev DH which works well ,thanks for the work, to control my SSR302. For SSR302 I am using Roibin Winbourne’s Fibaro FGS-222 Double Relay Switch DH, which I found to work best. I use erocm123 Virtual Device Sync app to keep the SSR302 DH in sync.

Thanks for such awesome work with this kit @meavydev!

I wanted to set my heating controls by mode only (i.e. home/away/night), so have added the below to the scheduler child app code as the subscriptions weren’t switching based on mode.
Hope it helps others, and if there’s a better way let me know as just did a quick copy/paste from some other code, and have tested it out successfully on my own environment and meets my needs for now.

def initialize()

subscribe(location, modeChangeHandler)

def modeChangeHandler(evt)
def currentMode = settings.smartThingsMode
if (evt.value == currentMode)
log.debug "Mode changed to " + currentMode

Hi a total newbie here and I’m hoping you could possibly help.
I’ve got a SRT321 and SRT323 which work together but not with smartthings, I’ve seen some code on here by @meavydev but I’ve got no idea how to integrate that into my hub or how to configure it to work… any help gratefully received, cos I’m fed up of the heating being on or off all the time.

kind ones jeff :slight_smile:

Morning all, is anyone else experiencing inconsistent usage recently? Or just me? I have set point changes being made by webcore but the stat doesn’t;t seem to be turning the boiler switch on. Manual use works fine. Any ideas?

Not sure what was going on here but the stat became somewhat unreliable. All of what I am about to describe was working perfectly then just became unreliable. It could be my ZW network, maybe some newly introduced WiFi device interfering, god knows. I ended up factory resetting two of the stats, re-pairing the stat with the boiler switch then adding back to ST. All now seems to be fine. I wasn’t going to post anything but then I noticed this:

The re-introduced stats appearing with a status of on-line and the older with a status of active. Not sure what the difference is between the two states?? Either way, the two I’ve re-introduced are now behaving normally.

Hi, Since about 2 weeks ago when samsung made som changes, the SRT321 is just showing “checking status”, and log is just showing “Temperature NaN*C”

Something Meavydev have to fix, or samsung?

Would it be possible to get battery % to show to?


I’m not sure where I should post this, so I’m just posting in case its of use to others.
I was trying to get the SRT321 working with Automations section on the new Smartthings app. The STATE wasn’t changing and thus not triggering the automation to run.

So to get it working I’ve added this:

def zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.switchbinaryv1.SwitchBinarySet cmd)
//Added by Alan Regan - 5th Sept 2020
//Included this so that the STATE would change realtime in the new Smartthings app Automations for SRT321 device

def map = [:]
switch (cmd.switchValue) {
	case 0:
		map.value = "idle"
	case 255:
		map.value = "heating"
} = "thermostatOperatingState"


Mine was fairly responsive until a certain ST update, where it quickly became very, very laggy.

I’ve switched to an ‘alternative’ hub, and it’s interesting to see it reacts lightning fast…

Did this work for you? It now looks like the set point has been changed in the app, but it still doesn’t actually change it for me.

@aregan can you share your code please? SRT321 doesn’t work for me on the new app :frowning:

I did some tests with the code of the STR323 published by @ aonghusmor in the topic: Secure SRT323 Thermostat

And seems to work fine with the SRT321, for the moment I’m using his code and the part of updating the temp with webcore working fine. I cannot try from the app because still bugged…

Here is the github: