Schlage or Kwikset?

Most of the smart locks these days come with their own smartphone app that gives you full access to all its features, although they may want a monthly fee for it.

While it’s nice to have everything integrated into one control app, you don’t have to do it that way.

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My suggestion would be to just use the app and I create temporary instances of the dashboard for the people who you want to be able to unlock the door. They must have access to gadget with a web browser though. :smile: If done this way, you can pick whichever lock you want to use.

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Pardon me if I misunderstand exactly what you are looking for however, the Schlage lock you refer to is the one I have as well. It is integrated into ST and I can add/delete codes remotely using the app described with the post that I linked below
To add/delete codes at any given time you have to edit the preference setting within the app.

New “Home on Code Unlock Too”

Well I’ll be. App used to work perfectly with my Schlage but I decided to confirm that it still did. No go…Will delete existing codes but adding new ones no longer seems to work. :sleepy:

thats exactly what I want to do.

I dont yet understand all of this additional app stuff. Is it just apps that other users have written that are stand alone, or do they work with the ST app?

This will explain:

I use the Yale Zwave lock with a custom app developed by the community and it works well. Supports 1 time use codes, and you can remotely enable/disable the user codes. You can also see how many times the code was used and trigger Hello Home actions off of the codes. Here is the link:


I can confirm this works for my Schlage lock as well.

One consideration in your selection might be the Kwikset feature for rekeying the lock. This sounds convenient, but researching this on the web I found that this feature may make the lock more vulnerable to tampering. Just a caveat.


noted, I saw that the shclage seemed to have a higher security rating too then the kwikset.


I have the rekeyable Kwikset locks, and it can be very convenient, even for a homeowner, e.g., if a key gets “out.” Not a lock expert, but done some research, and I also try to be practical. As to which locks are more secure (bumpable, pickable, etc.), most houses are broken into by kicking in the door or other means that don’t involve mucking with the lock. Maybe if you’re uber-rich and someone specifically targets you, it’s an issue, but not otherwise. So what I want is a reasonably secure lock, installed properly in the frame, in a reasonably secure frame without a compromising window beside or in the door. I’m really glad I got a rekeyable lock.


I can confirm also that the User Lock Manager app that Dinneryeti is referring to works with Schalge. I’m using the Schalge Connect with the User Lock Manager and I’m able to add and delete users as well as scheduled entry times for certain codes. I have not tested the temporary code feature yet, but I have had no problems with this app at all.

User Lock Manager

I can also confirm that the Lock Manager works with both of my Schlage Connect deadbolts. However, it seems as though there is a limitation on the scheduling. When setting a schedule that will apply to all users, not select users. This would be helpful for us as one of our locks is at our office building and each employee has their own entry code. It would be nice to give them access to the building during the week but not on the weekends. That hasn’t been a problem for us, though, because we’d get a notification if the door is unlocked while we aren’t there…

Right, schlage connect deadbolts ordered, looking forward to getting caught up in this!


So I have the Schlage, and I’m trying this app for the first time.

I’m following the steps on the tutorial video, I delete from preferences down, and copy over from preferences down from user-lock-manager.smartapp.groovy but when I click save it gives me 4 error messages.

When I click on the app in the ST app, all I’m given is the opportunity to assign a name or uninstall.

What am I doing wrong here?

Which Schlage lock do you use? I cannot get mine to work with this.

I have it working with my Schlage Touch Screen Deadbolt. There is a special DeviceType for it that isn’t made by @ethayer but he links to it in the Lock Code Manager thread.

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And if it’s an older house, the antique/bronze looks the best. Same model.

I would like to buy one of them.

have you had any problems with either one of them ? do you like it? how easy was to install