Schlage door/window and motion

James, glad to hear they were able to solve the original issue.

Now, if they could just figure out how to re-connect this device for me, I’d be set.

OK, so I was finally able to get my Schlage to rejoin using the “Zwave Utilities” and “ZWave exclude” page within the IDE.

Now that I’ve re-joined, however, it shows up as a Schlage Motion Sensor. It actually shows “Motion” when the contact is open, and “No Motion” when it is closed. Not sure what happened, I know that the first time I paired it correctly registered as the door/window sensor (even though it was stuck ‘Open’). So it seems like we’re making progress?

Am I just going to have to wait for the SmartThings team to fix this device in their database? Or is there a way for me to go in there and manually correct the device ID? Like I said, everything appears to be working, it just thinks it’s the wrong type of device.

Try changing the device type in the IDE

Cory, I just did that and it appears to have registered within the app.

However, I think it might be stuck in ‘Open’ mode again (I’m not at home so can’t check for sure if my front door is indeed open, but I suspect it is not). Maybe just a bug that needs to be ironed out by the ST team.

Anyway, thanks for the tip.

Just to follow-up:

it appears my wife, who is at home, just opened and then closed the front door and the Schlage Contact Sensor is now (finally) reporting its status accurately.
So, if you follow my steps just be sure to activate the switch to get it to refresh.

+1 For Daniel’s method. Just was able to unregister and reregister my Schlage door/window contact. Also, after re-registering it I edited it from a “Z-Wave Sensor” to a “Schlage Contact Sensor.” However, I’ve been trying to get it read a status for about 30 minutes w/ no luck.

Is SmartThings able to use this both as an open/close sensor as as a motion sensor?

@techmirth: Do you see any events in the web ui? (Device > List Events > All from device)

@chris: The Schlage open/close and motion sensors are two different devices. Unfortunately our current device type recognition system can’t distinguish between them. We’re working on it.

Thanks for responding @Duncan. Actually it started registering status about five hours after I posted. I made no other changes. It’s working great now!