Schlage be469 lock: a new device was added, but was not the correct type. Continuing to search…"

My schlage be469 lock locks and unlocks with ST and my Windows Phone, but I have these problems and wonder if there is a solution:

  1. battery indicator does not work, press the tile and nothing happens
  2. during connection ST reports “a new device was added, but was not the correct type. Continuing to search…”
  3. ST reports I have added a “z-wave lock device” but is this correct? I would think I should get a more detailed id like “Schlage Century BE469”.
  4. There are no functions to setup entry codes for the lock. That would seem like a desirable function. Is that the case or is it available elsewhere.

A couple of relevant screen shots are below.

Thanks for your advice.

  1. Give the battery 24h or so to report in. I have a be469 and that happened to me, but it eventually started reporting.
  2. I don’t think you need to worry about that
  3. see #2
  4. You need to set the codes on the lock, or use something like

You’ll need a custom device type and a smart app for what you want to do

The custom device type will also have the ability to enable/disable unlock using code and enable/disable autolock after 30 sec

Device Types - 2 options

  1. Free one by @garyd9
    (Enhanced) Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock - #34 by garyd9

2 @RBoy 's paid device type (10$ for access to all his apps/device types)

Smart App - Either use @RBoy’s paid lock code manager, or the free one on the community by @ethayer

I had better luck with @rboy’s device type, but I have the 468 and my lock doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the 469

I had the issue with the battery with Schlage Camelot. I simply took out the battery and reinserted it and life was good again.