Schlage BE469 Custom autolock timeout

Hi all,

I just moved my Schlage Deadbolt from Wink to ST. I’ve been hesitating about doing it because I had a few other devices still on Wink, and I prefer their integration. However, the last few devices I had on Wink are now gone (Lutron switches I swapped out for Zooz), and I’m now 100% ST.

I’ve installed Lock Manager as a temporary solution until I pull the trigger on Rboy’s apps, but as I was looking today, there’s one feature that it appears neither Lock Manager or Rboy offer, which is a custom timeout for auto locking the door. On Wink, I was able to set the autolock to 5 min, which is ideal for bringing in groceries, and other minor delays when you first get home. It appears as though the ST solutions don’t have any ability to change this beyond the default 30 seconds.

Are there any options to work around this? It’s a big deal to me. Any help?

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There are two types of auto lock, hardware and software.

Hardware auto lock is enabled and customized using the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock DTH. Note the BE469 has a fixed hardware relock period of 30 seconds.

Software Auto Relock can be done through the LUM app, it can be adjusted in minutes and also limited to work only in certain modes.

Thanks for the tag. I meant to do that and spaced it.

I’m assuming this is the feature I’m looking for… And I’m assuming that means ST polls the lock status at some interval and then will issue the lock command after that time passes, correct?

I believe that’s exactly how it was handled on Wink, and ultimately exactly the behavior I expected.

Thanks for your quick response

It’s event driven but yes it accomplishes the same thing.
Also, it’s recommended to keep a repeater between your lock and the hub for a more consistent experience, especially with Schlage locks in a ST setup. See this: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

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Awesome, just sent you payment for your apps (was just holding out on your response here!). I’ve got 2 Zooz Zen27 switches between the lock and the hub (actually probably 5-6, but 2 immediately adjacent to the lock) so I think I’m covered on the repeater.

Hi @rboy,

Over the weekend, I had to redo my smart things setup.

Now that I have completed it, LUM>Door open/close actions section, doesn’t show my Schlage as an option for auto relock. The only options to choose from are door sensors.

SmartThings api website, it shows my Schlage device auto relock is disabled.

I don’t remember how I got Schlage to auto relock in the past. It seems to be only of those things that I might have tinkered and gave up…some time passes,and mysteriously auto relock works again.

Anyone have any advice?