Scheduler worthless


I have been working with Smartthings support for almost 3 months with no solution. I bought the hub a year ago and it worked fine with scheduled times and sunup/sunset events. Until about 3 months ago when most of the event stopped working. I contacted support who told me how to ‘kick’ the scheduler. It did not work. They said they would look into it. I emailed agains and again. They responded but have no answers. I am very frustrated with this worthless paperweight. I can control lighting manually, but what’s the point? I am very disappointed with this and can not review it well.

Mark Call


I feel your pain – – it has been seriously frustrating.

The one good point is that the company has been very aware of the issue and just today started rolling out a completely new scheduler, with a different infrastructure.

Here’s the announcement topic

Let’s all hope this improves things!