Schedule a light to turn on twice a day

I have light by my door that turns on/off at a specific schedule, however, I would like to schedule a second round of activity in the morning when I take the dog out. Is there a way to do this with the current smart apps, or modify one? Maybe i"m just missing something.

Is this an outside or inside light? If outside, you could use a door sensor to trigger it when the door opens. If inside, you could use a motion sensor to trigger when approaching.

I do think I recall a smartapp that allowed for multiple times of day. Will have to look for it…although I’m sure someone else can find it quicker! :smile:

I am using the door sensor now on the way out the door, but how would I shut it off when i come back with the dog. Really a first world problem.

You can set a timeout on the light to turn off after X min of the door sensor being triggered.

  • Go to Add an Action
  • Select Lighting
  • Select Turn on when a door or window is opened and configure

I Will give my example how I set a turn on/off my kitchen light in different way.

I have a motion sensor in the Kitchen and I create a light in the dashboard and I name Kitchen Light night, Configure that if there is any motion on the sensor in the kitchen turn on the light dimmed 90%, from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Then I create another new light, and include the same sensor and bulb but dimmed 10% and from 10pm to 6 am.

at the end in the dashboard in the section lights and Switches you have 2 switches but act different in different schedule but you use the same sensor and the same Bulb.

This do not increase the numbers of things installed in your Things section on the dashboard.