Scenes Beta!

(Ron Talley) #41

Don’t know if this has been answered yet but will the scenes be recognized by Alexa or Google?

(Ron Talley) #42

It would be, IMHO, a good feature to be able to drill down on a room to select devices within that room. There is way too much scrolling I have to do to get to devices rather quickly. Easy to do when you have just a few but once you start getting into the 100s, it becomes a task.

In webCoRE, I can just type the first few letters and easily select a device and then tell it what I want to do with that device…

I find the Room feature within ST a great tool but is poorly implemented in the App.

Building Rooms, you should be able to define what type of devices are within that room to take the guess work out of auto-selecting device types. This way fans will not be treated as lights. Outlet can be treated “as” lights. Etc.

  1. Create a Scene
  2. General or Select Room(s)?
  3. Select Answer
  4. What Room(s)
  5. Scenes populates device that are only in those Room(s)
  6. Shut “Off” Devices in other Room(s)?
  7. Select Answer
  8. What Rooms?
  9. What Devices?

What I am really trying to say, within ST, each Device should be able to be assigned a particular type where ST can grab this Device type and issue commands for all Device types holistically or by Rooms.

(Ron Talley) #43

Where’s the Fade Option(s) for the Lights? It ain’t as cool if it doesn’t Fade!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #44

And Routines and IFTTT and Community SmartApps and “Works With SmartThings” published SmartApps (including ActionTiles), …

I know that our Customers will want to be able to activate their Scenes from ActionTiles Panels, just as they will want to activate them by voice, …

(jkp) #45

Just noticed if you create a scene, that scene does not appear in the SmartApps tab for the devices in that scene. The SmartApps tab contains apps, routines, shm rules, core/webcore pistons but not scenes.

(Steve White) #46

Hopefully an intended oversight. It’s a feature I use occasionally when replacing a failed device. Did you fill out a bug report on this?

(jkp) #47

yes, BUG-0007

(Steve White) #48

Thanks! I just submitted my vote on the bug.

(Tino Race) #49

I don’t think this is a BUG. ST stated that scenes would only be available to turn on manually at the start of the beta. You’ll need to feature request this.

Just be grateful that you can see the Scenes page unlike some of us who’ve been on the beta for 2 days and still can’t see it in the app :grin:

(Ron Talley) #50

Log out. Log back in. Close App. Open App. Pull down on things page to refresh.

(Tino Race) #51

Already done this many many many times but just done it again for the hell of it. Still not there. Looking for other suggestions


Did you try clearing the cache from the app and os?

(Andy - United Kingdom) #53

Anyone know how to address these programatically to include in a smartapp?

With a switch we have switch.on() and

Do we call these the same as a routine or mode?

(Jimmy) #54

they can be included in a Routine

(Andy - United Kingdom) #55

How about directly from a smartapp?

(Joel W) #56

I did as suggested, and it brought up other problems. If you have many routines the screen is cluttered, and the OFF Routine is not necessary in any order, making it hard to find.

  1. It should be alphabetical order
  2. There should be an option to have it in list format.

As you can see how not having them in order could cause problems with many scenes.

(Tino Race) #57

Cache cleared in both app and OS. Closing opening sign out sign in done again for good measure. Still no luck


So how are scenes trigger? Maybe I am not getting the points of scenes if we have to go manually activate the scenes.

(Andy - United Kingdom) #59

That’s why I asked about triggering the scenes with a smartapp… even smartlighting should be able to schedule them

edit: I just checked and there is no mention of them anywhere except routines

I suppose you could put them into a routine then call that from an app

(Ron Talley) #60

I understand this is Beta but…Doesn’t seem like this was thought out. What’s the point if they can not be activated programatically like any other Routine or Switch?