Scenes Beta!

(jkp) #21

Not really the same. In the family tab, you could see the presence sensor with arrival/departure date/time. Under rooms, you only see present/not present and that does not help if your presence sensor has stopped reporting. you would need to click on a presence sensor to view that info under things and/or rooms.

(Jimmy) #22

ah, good point with the date/time.

(Steve White) #23

I guess I’ll finally have a good reason to finish the dashboard SmartApp I was working on last winter. I still need to add arrival/departure times.


That’s exactly the kind of feedback we need :slight_smile: Thanks!

(JIm) #25

Same question here. Been waiting 2 days.

(Jimmy) #26

Pretty impressive considering this thread has only been posted 19 hours!

(JIm) #27

Ok, ok. Fat fingered the key and didn’t notice. :grin:

(might be my fake name?) #28

I’m following this thread just for the hell of it. Not interested in the scenes beta test. But I just want to say I just realized that there was a family tab. thanks guys.:sunglasses:

(fightingmajor) #29

Hmmm, kinda like Smartthings should be making royalties off people who write great apps and charge for them :wink:

(Ron Talley) #30

Not having the Family tab is perplexing…

Trying to figure out the difference between this and Routine…Seems like if you added the options thingy to Routines then it would serve the same purpose?

Routine. Turn On/Off theses lights; Set brightness to X…

(Steve White) #31

I haven’t been able to access the tab yet, but my understanding with how other companies have enabled scene-like functionality is that you should be able to set brightness & color on a per-device basis. You cannot do that with routines as those parameters affect all devices. Basically, for routines it’s all or nothing.

(Joel W) #32

On the Centercode site it says that A survey will be sent asking for device integration before I am accepted. I already answered it for the Firmware beta. But I guess they are different teams.

(Andrew) #33

@slagle I have signed up for the Samsung Account Migration Beta as well as this one. I have said me too on bugs for both programs where nothing has changed in the app for me. I can not “see” the scenes section, nor am I receiving the banner to migrate. I am not sure what the common thread may be for the two, but I doubt it is a coincidence, but I did not know how to relate the two in centercode.

(Alex) #34

I’m glad we didn’t get to implement it on our end!

(Joel W) #35

I just set mine up and have tested each scene, my only complaint is when I no longer need the scene I have to close each lamp on it’s own. It should be that if you click the scene it toggles the reverse.


Should let you toggle a scene ON/OFF.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #37

There are dozens of discussions of “Scenes” that took place 2 or 3 years ago.

One of the issues is what does “Off” mean?

In other words:

  • Should the state of all the Lights (Things) in a Scene be recorded before a Scene is activated (turned on) and then restored after a Scene is de-activated (turned off).

  • What happens if some of the Things in the Scene are changed manually while the Scene is “on”?

  • What happens if another Scene is activated while the first Scene is “on”? Should the states be stored on a stack and then popped-off one by one in the reverse order?

  • What happens if the Mode of the household changes during a Scene?

There were and are no easy answers to the above questions. I personally can think of how I would like it to work and support my opinion until blue-in-the-face; but there are valid other methods.

That said, I perhaps we will find some consensus during the Beta, but it is probably too late for major changes to be made by SmartThings.

(jkp) #38

You can create a scene to turn off all the devices. I created two scenes - one to turn the devices on and one to turn them off. But I agree, wish you could toggle one tile to turn on/turn off the devices.

(Joel W) #39

To me that is counter intuitive And if you have a number of scenes, and have to duplicate each then the screen is covered and page scrolling is necessary.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #40

The past discussions on this are an interesting read (though I’m biased due to my participation). Honestly, understanding the ideas we walked through helps avoid starting from scratch even if it’s too late to become a part of ST’s current implementation