Scenes Beta!

(Andy - United Kingdom) #61

I would like to setup a ‘scene’ which dims my lights when I power up my smartsocket connected tv
Another scene to set the lights to 100% when I turn it off (if the lights were already on)

Currently the only way I can do this is to create routines with the scenes in…
If we could at least assign a virtual switch to the scene then I could do it that way

(Carson Dallum) #62

I’m sure the difference is obvious to some, but can you explain the conceptual (not just the list of technical) differences between Scenes and Routines? They seem to have some overlap, so I just want to better understand how and when each is the better solution for a particular type of requirement. Thanks!

(Ron Talley) #63

IMHO, the main difference now is that using Routines, you can just turn on or off lights without the ability to select color or brightness. Eventually, they will add other devices such as fans and switches such as outlets…

With Scenes, you can add the various options available for the switch.

Conceptually, you would want to use routines to do a serious of events that might not necessarily effect the environment you are in.

Conceptually, Scenes will be used to set the environment to a certain desired “Mood?”.

Routine-Lock Doors, Change Mode to Home, Turn Temperature to This, Turn Off This and Turn On That.
Scene-Set Room or Home to feel Romantic or Fun or Cozy or Bright or Dark

(Rudi Prunzel) #64

And also, with the current Scenes features (Devices & Capabilities only) it would be a lot easier to make Scenes run locally at the Hub then Routines. Just saying :roll_eyes:

(Andrew) #65

For me, I see it like this;
A routine does work, ie. changes something. A scene is a specific configuration of devices(lights in this case) for an atmosphere “romantic, study, relax” . So a routine can activate a scene or scenes, in addition to changing locks, switches, modes, etc.

(Jimmy) #66

Do scenes run local or in the cloud? As I understand, they are a different design than smartapps so that’s why i can’t tell in the IDE.

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #67

I just tried to sign up but was unable to… Is the beta still available?

(Rob Higgins) #68

I have it and I think it still is. But It took 24 hours to see it. @Synthesis

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #69

Sadly, this is what I get.

(Adam V) #70

I’m not sure I understand the difference between this and routines? Unless of course you have more granular control in scenes… is it not duplication

(Jimmy) #71

More granular and specific to lighting right now.

(Adam V) #72

yep but it’s still duplication.

routines as they currently stand are just scenes without a few granular extras, that can also be triggered automatically by a select few events that Smartthings lets you do.

What should happen to avoid confusion is routines and scenes should be amalgamated into 1 feature, where scenes are states within a routine. So that way you can have a scene that exists by itself, but you can add it to a routine, where you can then automate when it gets triggered. This would also allow slightly more complex flows whereupon a trigger occurring one scene is activated, then a pause, then another scene is activated. The other great thing about doing this is that it the labels “Routine” and “Scene” would actually make sense then

(Jimmy) #73

That’s exactly what they did. Scenes themselves can not occur automatically. There is no “trigger” in them other than manully pressing the button. The only way to automatically trigger them is via a routine.

(Adam V) #74

ok nice - so this is starting to look like ST’s approach to Rule Machine / CoRe - but currently V0.001!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #75

That’s my observation too.

Honestly, this Scenes feature seems quite “well implemented”, solid and serves a long requested need.

But it is very basic, especially in UI. That’s not a bad way to launch, though.

It’s easy to write a wish list, but none of this is in the scope of Beta. eg,

  • create scene via capturing the current state of a set of lights (ahem, like “Scene Machine” did!).
  • create scene via a lighting board view so that brightness levels and colors could be tuned without a lot of navigation.
  • have some concept of “toggle” (ie, de-activate) a Scene to let one Scene Tile have an on/off functionality. Need not be a complex “stack” that records pre-scene lighting, but that’s one possibility; the other option is for a Scene Tile to consist of two defined Scenes.
  • Allow simple triggers or simply a “create a Routine from this scene” button… that then jumps to the Routine editor.

Well… I love Scenes anyway!

(Andrew) #76

I do not see them as duplication.

A scene is a configuration. The routine is a program that “activates” that configuration. A configuration is not executable, and can not function with out something external using it. I believe they just allow you to “press” on the scene to test the configuration you are trying to set up and do not intend that to be a normal interface.

(Robin) #77

I think the biggest difference between a scene and a routine is that a routine can only set one brightness level for all of the selected lights, whereas a scene can set each light to different values.


Hey @slagle, any chance of still getting in on the Scenes beta? All I’m seeing is a closed beta page now when I try and sign up.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #79

You’re quite correct, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t overlap and possibly confusion.

This actually came up extensively in our years ago discussions of Scenes (didn’t exist) vs. Routines (existed… But probably still called "Hello Home Phrases at the time).

Indeed a Scene is a “state” and a Routine is a “transition to a state” (possibly with interim or temporary states). Routines ought also be able to have non-State side-effects… e.g., notifications.

Having both concepts available maximizes flexibility; but with more flexibility comes inherent complexity.

Still… I think consumers instinctively understand the concept of a Scene (called a “Mood” in some other products, or a State), so this ends up actually breaking down complexity into smaller simpler parts - a good thing.

I hope that Scenes can be activated directly from SmartApps, rather than needing a wrapper Routine.

(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #80

This is probably the best way I have ever seen this described in any of the discussions about Scenes/Routines.

I want States without having to jump through four different SmartApps and multiple virtual and physical devices to make it happen.
As @acdown87 asked, is there still a chance of getting involved in this?