Samsung Smartthings Presence Sensor - advertised 2 year battery life

Find it amazing this is advertised with a 2 year battery life.

The most we are getting is 2 months before I have to replace. Is there a certain model & manufacturer of battery I should buy?

Take screen shot for your records and post here because if it’s advertised then they should issue a refund for the device. I barely get 5 weeks…

I’m in the US but this device is consistently the biggest battery eater of any device I own. It’s checking every 30 seconds if it’s within range of your hub so I think it’s just the nature of this device to have crappy battery life. Claiming 2 year battery life is absurd.

Hi All,

If you are brave and like to mod, there is another thread that talks about battery modding the presens keyfob. I modded mine and now I can use 2xAA batteries.

It checks every 30 seconds whether it’s within range of the hub or not. Just every 30 seconds all day long. :sunglasses:

Its measured in dog years… 7 to everyone human 1

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Yeah that’s what I meant, every 30 seconds it’s checking to see whether or not it is in range of he hub.

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I have found that it clearly lasts longer when in range though. I put a new battery in two sets of keys, one left at home for two weeks one set I took with me away from home for the same period. When I came back one set was at 75% the other only 38%. Pretty disappointing either way for just 2 weeks but even more so when you take them away for long periods. It’s curious why it behaves this way, maybe it reduces either signal strength or polling frequency when in range?
Anyway, 2 years is clearly impossible with a standard battery.

The official U.S. Smartthings products page doesn’t mention 2 year battery performance :confused: …was getting ready to ask for refund.

Get these batteries and it’ll last about 2 years…still not bad for $6.45

Struggling to worth out whether that’s a clever joke or stupid spam.

I can’t find the former, so I’m going to go with the latter.

Oops, I forgot to include a :smile: at the end of my statement. Understandably, I would be upset too if something that is advertised to last 2 years (most likely a mistake because someone probably just copied and pasted a template) and it only last barely even 2 months. I was just trying to lessen the pain a bit and offer a partial solution with some cheap batteries, although it’s still a pain to have to replace the batteries so often.

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(Disclaimer: I used to work for DixonsCarphone so I have a bit of an understanding of how their website is made)

If the Currys website says 2 years, but the Samsung one does not, then this is the most human of errors - a copy and paste problem. Perhaps they’ve had something like the Water Leak Detector spec page open and have accidentally copied across a bullet point that didn’t apply (although even that is only 2 years at a push - I’ve had my kit since UK launch and my water leak detector battery died about a month ago)

The nice thing to do would be to email them and let them know, no this sort of thing shouldn’t happen but they’re only human and they won’t know the issue until someone tells them.