Samsung SHAPE WAM350 M3 Wireless Audio Speaker

Thank you for your time I’m new to smart things I would like to integrate this audio speaker with smart things is there anyone that can tell me about this. I’m looking to buy one online that is used will it sync with my smart thing and what will I be capable of doing with it can anyone tell me please

Basically you can automate play / pause and you can use it for announcements / weather.

But it gets tricky because the speaker loses it’s playlist if you do announcements so you can’t automate playing anything. Or at least I don’t know how. I’ve tried asking if you can autoselect a playlist and haven’t gotten any response.

I was told that the Sonos have the ability to set 6 preset stations that you can call on for automations, I certainly wish I had gotten some of those instead of my samsung speaker…

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Seems I’m not alone in failing to get the level of integration that “officially supported” means. I’ve got a Samsung WAM7500/R7 Radiant 360. Sound quality is outstanding, btw. I put the latest firmware on it and it has revived my interest in listening to music. But I’m struggling with ST integration and I’ve hunted around this forum for answers without success so far. Maybe there’s some more documentation I haven’t found yet.
Using the Samsung Audio device type, I can change volume or mute an existing track that I started in the multi room separate app (or Spotify) but that’s about it. Oh, and I’ve learnt how to get Rule Machine to say “there’s somebody at the front door” in response to a motion sensor. Great fun but it screws up anything that was playing, can’t yet resume at previous place and level.
Haven’t found how to play a sound file (dog barking etc) and haven’t found out how to give ST a playlist, so next or previous track in the ST device do nothing.
And I get spammed by “track Description is --” messages in the Activity Feed every 30 seconds, apparently in response to status requests from the device handler.
I think I’m missing some vital ingredient?

What I found out after purchasing a M7 was that the Samsung integration doesn’t allow this. In fact the only one that i’ve found can do this is the sonos integration you can set 6 presets that you can call upon.

I don’t think you are… I love ST, but they’re “official: integrations, device types, and smartapps” are lackluster at best.

Word of caution *** I did the Samsung software upgrade on the WAM350 M3 speaker by pressing the mute button for 5 seconds and it bricked my speaker. Now because it is out of warranty, Samsung wants $80 to fix it. Lesson learned; Samsung’s software update does not help with Smartthings integration but bricks your speaker so they can charge you to fix it. Time to get cozy with SONOs.

Hi all, hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I have 2 Samsung SHAPE WAM350 speakers. Both are connected and working via the Samsung Multi-room App. For some strange reason however i can only discover and use 1 of them via the ST app, the 2nd one just never appears. Has anyone else had this problem?