Samsung Multi Sensor battery drained in days

(Simon Craddock) #1

In June I purchased a ST multi-sensor which when paired had around 95% if I remember correctly. After the last update it’s drained the battery dead. Anyone else had issues with battery drain?

I had to wedge a CR2032 in the unit just to check its it wasn’t the sensor that had died as I can only obtain CR2450 batteries online.

(Steve) #2

I’ve had nothing but trouble with ST multis. Batteries drain, app cannot give accurate battery level, false readings and alerts, etc. Have retired (thrown out) the ones I had and replaced with various others, depending on sensor needed. Zooz and Aotech have worked well for me.

(John C) #3

+1 for Zooz an Aeotec – mine have been rock solid.

That being said, you could be experiencing issues with a marginal Zigbee mesh & multiple retries while ST attempts the OTA firmware update. Perhaps you’d be well served by disabling OTA updates and trying again with a new battery.

Others may have ideas on how to strengthen your mesh (my devices are all Z-Wave).

Or you just have a bum device…,