Samsung Multi Sensor battery drained in days

In June I purchased a ST multi-sensor which when paired had around 95% if I remember correctly. After the last update it’s drained the battery dead. Anyone else had issues with battery drain?

I had to wedge a CR2032 in the unit just to check its it wasn’t the sensor that had died as I can only obtain CR2450 batteries online.

I’ve had nothing but trouble with ST multis. Batteries drain, app cannot give accurate battery level, false readings and alerts, etc. Have retired (thrown out) the ones I had and replaced with various others, depending on sensor needed. Zooz and Aotech have worked well for me.


+1 for Zooz an Aeotec – mine have been rock solid.

That being said, you could be experiencing issues with a marginal Zigbee mesh & multiple retries while ST attempts the OTA firmware update. Perhaps you’d be well served by disabling OTA updates and trying again with a new battery.

Others may have ideas on how to strengthen your mesh (my devices are all Z-Wave).

Or you just have a bum device…,

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