Samsung Multi-sensor battery drain (Since edge!)

Hi All!

Hoping someone can help. Since my Samsung multi-sensors were migrated to edge, battery drain has become a problem. Prior to this batteries would last months. Now it appears to be a couple of weeks or so. I have a number of Xiaomi sensors which are still working well and literally the batteries last years! I admit I am a cheapskate and tend to use ‘no name’ branded batteries, but this wasn’t an issue previously - I use these batteries across all sensors (including the Xiaomi’s) and only have the issues with the Samsung sensors SINCE edge migration. I did a quick search and didn’t see anything obvious - Do we know if there is a fix/already raised as a problem?

I’m not having any issues with battery life on these sensors. I’m not using the ST edge driver. I’m using Zigbee contact Mc from Mariano. You can find the driver in his invitation link below.

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Thanks for that, I have had two batteries go at the same time so changed both batteries but only changed the driver on one, that will ascertain driver vs device issues.

Will monitor and update any findings.