Samsung button. Replacement?

Hi, i own a Samsung smart button which i love for controlling my lights from my bedside. So i decided to buy another for doing the same downstairs but it seems they are like hens teeth or so ridiculously expensive that i refuse to be fleeced. Is there any other similar device i can intergrate into my Smartthings home (Samsung V3 hub) and does the same thing as the button does??
I keep seeing Aotech mentioned but am lost in a minefield of information.
Thanks for any help.

JDRoberts just put together an updated overview of battery powered button options here:

I’m personally partial to the Ikea “Wireless Dimmer” (Currently the last post in that FAQ.)

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Samsung has decided to get out of the business of supporting and selling home automation hardware. So they are turning that over to partner companies. So far the only one that has been announced is Aeotec, which is taking over the devices for the EU and for the US. Smartthings will continue to provide the app and the cloud.

The first models from the new Aeotec line will be identical to the existing smartthings devices, just with a different brand logo.

That will include the button.

However, they let the supplies of the old logo devices sell out before Aeotec was ready with the new logo devices, so it may be a few months before you can buy one.

Here’s the official announcement:

An Update Regarding our Hardware

And as @psbarrett mentioned, if you don’t want to wait, the IKEA “dimmer“ is a simple inexpensive Zigbee button which is a good substitute if you don’t want to wait as long as you are OK with just an on/off function. :sunglasses:

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the new Aeotec hub is now listed on Amazon but not yet available.

it should be available in the next few weeks. so it is possible the new aeotec buttons will be available soon as well. i don’t know exact timelines. you can sign up for the aeotec newsletter to be alerted when new products are released.

watch SmartThings Beat for news

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I’ve been waiting for this… but they keep saying Jan 3rd, Mid Jan, etc… now it is early Feb, I imagine the same thing that is causing world wide electronic shortages (C word) is doing it here too… but I wish Samsung and Aeotec would be more transparent! Is there any information on the tech specs? Is this a re-branded V3 hub, or upgraded and considered V4ish?

Yes, identical except for the logo. Not a V4 yet.