Safety tips

Safety is one of the major factor that we all consider. Most of us go for security systems and security cameras. But there are few tips and tricks to divert the intruders which are really simple and which may work well sometimes. I happened read few underappreciated home security tips recently and thought that they are simple and effective. For those who don’t have a security system, this may help a lot to prevent intruders.

Here are a few more:
Using 3" stainless steel screws to secure your door frame to the house framing is very important to prevent the door from being kicked in. Most people don’t realize how flimsily their door frames are mounted. While you are at it, replace the screws to your door hinges with the same type screws.
#13 - the door guard is another biggie.
Another item - this device available at Home Depot can help resist crowbar forced entry.

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