Sabbath Mode Smart Things Alexa integration?

Why can’t I control my refrigerator’s Sabbath mode on or off using Alexa? I can do it using the Samrt things App on iOS but there’s no integration with Alexa even if there’s a skill for smart things, I still don’t know what the skill does?

I don’t know that is it possible to trigger the Sabbath mode by Automation, but if yes, then I would suggest a workaround.

I. Set up an Automation to turn on and off Sabbath mode before and after Sabbath.

II. Make a Virtual switch, called Sabbath Switch, set up two Automations to mirror Sabbath Switch to your fridge’s Sabbath mode and use Alexa to turn on and off that Virtual Switch.

What the UI gives usually not fully reflected in the Voice Assistants regarding functionality.