Run SmartApp from our own Android app

I’m working on a project where I want to use a SmartApp to control some hardware but I don’t want to use the SmartThings mobile app. If I write my own Android mobile app can I then use my SmartApp as a web service. I basically just want to have my own UX but still be able to use a SmartApp for hardware control.

Before you go to all of that effort, you should at least take 10 minutes and look at SmartTiles. It’s free, and provides a great way to see / control a device or devices in ST from a web app, with customizable UI.


it’s for a school project so part of the idea is we build our own app. I just wanted to make sure it’s doable

Yes. Read the section of the Developer Documentation on Web Services SmartApps.

There are some limitations and complications, but just proceed one little step at a time – like any development project!