Run pump 5 times a day for 5 minutes

Im using ifttt and simplerulebuilder and was wonder what is the best way to run a pump 5-6 times a day… for 3-4 minutes
do i have to set up a rule at each time of day and then an off rule??.. it would be nice if there is a delay for minutes or hrs?


You could most likely do this with Rule Machine. @bravenel started a thread with an example similar to yours but in his case he used lights. There is no reason you couldn’t switch the light logic our for your pump logic.

I wouldn’t trust ST to run your pump. Cloud issue could leave your pump running all day long killing it. Get a simple timer wall plug.


That’s true. Anything that is critical security/safety related I use other solutions. Smartthings is nowhere close to being a reliable solution. It is kind of a big beta test. For example that past 2 - 3 days everyone is having issues with events not occurring or randomly occurring.

Does Rule Machine depend on ST cloud-based time schedule? They seem to die fairly often.
If running the pump accidentally for an hour or more is a big problem, then Build in redundancy to notify and/or recommand.

Yes. Almost everything is cloud dependent, even with the V2 hub. The only exceptions are Smart Lighting and a couple of other minor exceptions and those only hold true if you are running the default device types. If you switch out a device type it will become dependent on the cloud. You can do this with ST but don’t count on reliability. I use mine as a hobby to turn on lights and other things that are not critical. The ST platform is very unstable at the moment.

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