Rule to Detect Intrusion Using STHM

With rules is there a way to check if the STHM has detected an intrusion? The way I have it currently is to check all my sensors, then it will do entry delay and after nothing, STHM turns on the alarm. But sometimes these don’t sync properly. So I was hoping there’s something with STHM I can use.

Hi, @Sixoul!
Up to now, the status of the STHM cannot be used as a trigger in the Rules API.
It isn’t clear what’s your current configuration and why it’s not working properly, could you provide more details, please?

No, and I can’t think of a way of doing it anywhere else, short of intercepting a Notification with Tasker (or similar).

Is the plan to make the intrusion detection more prominent so you are more reliably able dismiss the alarm before the response starts?

Or would you like to be able to dismiss the alarm without using the app? Or both. Not that there is any known way to do it.

Update: I should qualify that I was addressing detecting the intrusion before the response begins in order to stop it. If you want to make the response more robust then things are different. You still can’t directly detect the state of STHM directly but as Jimmy has pointed out adding a virtual device will remove any hardware dependence and you can detect the response in that way.

You could do it with a virtual switch and add that switch to the actions of STHM.


Would I immediately change the switch when an intrusion is detected and delay the alarm or would I use rules to delay the alarm so that everything syncs. The issue I had before was sometimes it would countdown and then switch to alarm because STHM would activate the alarm.

Before I was using the delayed response in STHM.

I would like to notify everyone necessary that there was an intrusion but the issue with an immediate response is that everything sends a notification. Door unlocked, door opened, keypad motion sensing, camera detected a person. It’s a barrage of notifications even during the delay period.

Currently I have STHM wait a set amount of time until it notifies and turns on the siren. I have a rule that checks if the home status is not armed home or away(different sensors) and if any of the sensors are activated(door open, person detected, etc.) which then starts the keypad entry delay tone. The issue is that sometimes STHM starts it’s countdown before the rule starts the entry delay and it’ll interrupt the entry delay and cause issues with disarming for some reason.

I saw someone mention to create a virtual switch but the issue with that setup is too many notifications during the delay period since it responds immediately. Is there a way to limit the notifications of one device? It’s mainly the keypad sends a notification as quick as possible when motion is detected.