Rule Machine Version 1.7 Released

This is correct. …

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It only gets updated when you enter Rule Machine from the list of SmartApps. It does not update when you a create or remove a rule, not until you’ve left RM and returned.

It’s been there one day.

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Rule Machine Version 1.7.14 Released

This version adds the ability to adjust thermostat heating or cooling setpoints, either up or down by a selected amount. A number of people have requested this ability, so as to provide for “warm me up” types of rules.

Rule github: Save and Publish for me.


Wow, you are not only a great coder, you are a mind reader too. Was just about to ask if you can add setpoints. As we are getting closer to spring, seasonal adjustments to switch between AC/Heat more frequently will become handy :slight_smile:

@bravenel DO YOU EVER SLEEP? :smile:

Quick question - are you going to add the ability to mark a thermostat as home or away? In my case, I have two Nests and I prefer to use their temp schedule rather than burry in ST…in case ST is having issues. The Nest is much more reliable because that temp schedule is local to the device.

You can do that with a Custom Command.

On the Custom Commands page of Rule Machine, select Thermostat as the capability, and then your Nest as the device. Then click on New custom command…

You should see the commands you want, and you can select each and Save command now. Those saved custom commands would then be available in a Rule (very last action choice). There, you would select the command to run and the device to run it on.


@bravenel So, can you give me an example of how I can use the nest. I’d like to just say that “if” i’m not home then set the nest to AWAY and if I’m Home set the next to Home.

How do I use a custom command to pull this off or can I do it without a custom command?

BTW - Every version of your app just gets better and better.

See my post just above yours above.

Dude, if only I would read a little more! lol.

Thanks - That was a pretty stupid question on my part.

I had to update rule machine & rule… was on 1.6.5 or something… I hadn’t done a custom command before either.

Boy the new changes look good, I was surprised to see them when I opened up the app.

So tomorrow, I’ll see if my nest changes to the “away” mode.

Thanks again

Thanks, I’m working on getting it dialed in. It’s hard enough to understand a rule, let alone a conditional trigger. Rule Machine pretty much requires that you think about what you’re trying to do. Of course, that’s no guarantee of anything as we all know! :grinning:

I’ve honestly been using the conditions more than triggers… even if it only requires a trigger. I’ve found it just easier for me to logically go in and make the rules. Your app has always made sense to me for some reason.

Here is one I haven’t figured out yet… see if you can figure this out.

I want to know if my windows change state… i.e. someone has broken in.

If I’m away and the windows go from open to close or from close to open then send me an alert. Can I do that?

My problem is 1/2 the time they are open and then I get an alert.

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Sure. You want a notification if the windows do anything in Away mode, correct?

Condition: window open
Rule: window open
Actions for true: send push message “Window Opened”
Actions for false: send push message “Window Closed”
More Options: Only when mode is Away

Ah, I see. The trick was to wait until I go Away rather than put that as part of the condition. Genius!

I might need to review a few others I’ve done.

Thanks again!

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Just stumbled upon Rule Machine last night as I was trying to find a way to control color temperature on a new set of ZigBee bulbs. Rule Machine works great for that, and as many others have stated, fills a clear gap in the ST app. Thank you for the great work!

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Rule Machine Version 1.7.15 Released

This release brings the Rule Machine User Guide into Rule Machine itself.

There are also various bug fixes that perhaps only I would have noticed.

A previous restriction about using multiple Rule Truth conditions in one rule has been removed. It is now allowed to use multiple Rule Truth conditions.

This update entails updating both Rule Machine and Rule.

Rule Machine github: Save and Publish for me.

Rule github: Save and Publish for me.

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Is there a way to do this? Smart Alarm is not part of Rule Machine and Siren is not available. I just don’t want a false alarm to continue so I want to silence alarm after a period of time and reset alarm to original state.

I wanted to make a rule that if the siren goes off it will shut off after a period of time, and the alarm will reset. So I was searching through the options to see what would work with SA. So far no luck as I don’t think there is a practical way.

OK Bruce I did as you said replaced original code for Rule and Rule Machine and saved and published for me. My Rule Machine at the bottom says Version 1.7.6a/1.7.2a is that what it should be? On my IDE Rule says 1.7.15b 24 Feb and Rule Machine says 1.7.6a 24 Feb. Is that what it should be? Just don’t want to screw up what you helped me with the flashing lights.

Yes, those are the current versions (for now HaHa :grinning:)

Thanks, is my idea above possible or I have to figure out another method?

Siren is available. Some, if not all, device handlers for sirens support capability.switch, and on and off. And, you can always see other commands available using Expert Features Custom Commands.

You can easily have a rule control a siren.