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(Patrick Mjoen) #1088

In my bathroom I have a motion sensor and a dimmer. I have motion trigger the dimmer at 20% after 10 pm and turn off after 25 minutes if no motion. For some reason when I turn the light off it turns right back on and never turns off.


When was “periodic” trigger event added to Rule? I have 1.7.16 (28 Feb 2016) and it doesn’t seem to have periodic trigger event. I never got updated before the un-ravenel-ing but my versions are still apache licenced.


Is it time to move to Core? I have avoided reading much about Core so I don’t get excited and want to install it… but, that means I don’t know much about it. I have RM, it does what I want…but, that said I know at some point I will need to move something that will be updated as ST evolves. In addition, I am hoping for something fairly stable that I don’t have to keep updating the code. So, thoughts? Wait, or make the jump? Thanks

(might be my fake name?) #1091

I stil have about 50 rule machine rules that r working fine for me. No reason to move everything to core yet imo. Core is still evolving.

Although I do have a few recreational rules in core for experimentation, I’m waiting until it’s settled in for 6+ months before I move critical rules over from RM.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #1092

I agree with @eric182, if there is no need to move, don’t.

Play with it and experiment.

If you have to rebuild a rule our you start getting errors, I’d move it then. That’s what I’ve done.


Thanks guys.

(Bobby) #1094

Absolutely! CoRE can do tricks that RM cannot. BUT take it easy, it’s a lot to grasp when starting with CoRE, especially if you are coming from RM. While both are rule engines, they cannot be more different, so you’ll probably get frustrated with CoRE before you’ll realize its power!


Is the majority of the functionality from rule machine available in CoRE? I was really excited by the early discussion of creating a new engine which removed the need for different rules-triggers-conditional triggers…

but I found I needed the final functionality added to rule machine in v1.9, the periodic event. It refreshes my weather tile and thermostat.

I have tinkered with CoRE but I haven’t realized the power. Has somebody done a breakdown or is it still changing so much as to make it ill-advised?

(Bobby) #1096

CoRE has become a RM on steroids. It does everything that RM did x 10, in my opinion…


It’s been a minute since I last tinkered, this looks SLICK. still not sure how to do all that I want but I’m sure if it’s there I can figure it out eventually. These extra features are really interesting and exciting.

(Bob) #1098

Not 100% sure this is the right place for this but here goes.
I’m using a piston to turn on my Phillips Hue Light Strips when lux drops below a certain level during certain times of the day.
The rule itself fires OK.
My only problem is that the light strip turns on with whatever the last colour the strip was set to.
So my then is as follows.

Set color to Blue. (Could be anything).
Set level to 50%
Wait for …
Turn off

As said above, no matter what the color above is set to it always comes up with last colour which was Red.

(Bobby) #1099

Couple of things. My Pistons set the proper color, regardless of previous state. Can you post a picture or two of your piston. Last bu not least, the thread you might want to use is this:

(Bob) #1100

I’m comfortable with setting up pistons and have numerous ones running OK as is thhis one apart from the colours.
I think I have worked out whats happening.
If I select primary colours, or variations of them, the colour I have selected is being used OK.
It’s when I select more obscure colours that it doesn’t seem to take them and reverts to the previously selected.
I’m not sure this is a CoRE thing, probably more to do with the devise handler maybe.
I’m using the devise handler called “Improved Zigbee Hue Bulb MA”.
It’s the only one I could find on the forum.
Hey ho, never mind.
Still impressed with how this is going and the WAF (as I’ve heard mentioned many times here) is at an all time high now she has fancy coloured lights!!! :slight_smile:

(Bob) #1101

Here is my Piston.

(Bobby) #1102

So you figured it out? If certain colors don’t work, you may want to check with @ady624 as I cannot imagine how the handler would be at fault here…


Just curious, where you can see screen like this?

(Bob) #1104

When you go into the CoRE app, at the top you will see CoRE dashboard.
Click on that and then select the piston you want to look at.


Thanks for replying, I’m on iOS, when click on the CoRE dashboard, actually nothing happen (I have a piston)

( I hate Mondays) #1106

Enable OAuth in the IDE. Make sure you have the latest version of CoRE and also make sure to publish that version in the IDE.

(Michael and Jessica) #1107

Just installed it and I plan on taking a look through it to see what it can do. Thanks for picking up the ball and running with it!