Rule Builder iOS app

Got it. Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed to know.

Thanks for the heads up.

Looking forward to this functionality in the future!

@obycode sorry if this has been answered at some point, tried searching through this thread and what I’m looking for was pulling a lot of unrelated stuff.

I bought the app, want to set up two rules based on the different combinations of my wife and I leaving or staying at home.

Setting the first rule up for one of us leaving and one staying seems to make sense. But for both of us leaving, will this work as I read it?

If any of these happen: Husband leaves, Wife leaves
while all of these things are true: Husband is not present, Wife is not present
then do this: run “all gone routine”

Will this execute sequentially? Will the app register that I left, then check the two “not present” conditions, or will it poll the conditions first, realize I am present, then check the “happen” section?

I do not believe this will work. It looks like if husband or wife leaves while they are not present do this.

I have similar rules:
If Sean leaves while Joy (my wife) is not present then run this Routine

I also flip that for my wife leaving while I’m not present.

When we get home:
If Sean or Joy arrives while Away (mode) is active then run this Routine

I also have each run times two as I also test for sunset or sunrise as I wish to do different things depending if it is light outside or not.

I hope this helps. If you have questions either I or most everyone else in this community would be happy to help.


Actually, I think what @Michael_D has is correct. The rule will be triggered by one of them leaving. Once it is triggered, the condition is checked, and it will correctly see that that person is not present. That is exactly how I would recommend setting it up.

If you try it and it doesn’t work, please let me know.

I just bumped into this and it sounds fantastic. Has anyone done a feature comparison between this and the free rule machine by @bravenel described here Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

If I have learned how to use rule machine any reason to use this one? Does it do anything unique?

i found an answer from @jdroberts as usual. See here:


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Thanks for the interest Ken.

SmartRules is able to provide a nicer, easier interface, since we are not limited to the few available interactions available for SmartApps.

SmartRules can also provide some functionality due to the fact that it is a native app, that the others will never be able to do. For example, SmartRules has QuickTap triggers, which creates buttons for quickly triggering a rule in your Today screen or on your Watch.

Also, its only $7, not $9 as JD mentioned in his post.

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Looking to try this out, so I downloaded the Lite version. When I ran the App, it told me no client was available. So, after much checking, I found out that I had to load a SmartRules SmartApp. I have looked through all the Apps in the Marketplace, and cannot find it. I don’t even have a section marked Convenience. Help, please…

Hi Andy. There is no need to manually load the SmartApp. Please let me know where in the documentation did it make you think that so that I can fix it.

Now, about the actual problem… Are you in the UK/Ireland? If so, you’ll need to wait for an update coming very soon. If you’re in North America, then this is very strange. Please send me an email to brice at and I’ll help figure out what is going on.

I got it from the error I got when trying to run the SmartRules App, telling me there was no client, so I assumed I had to go get one. From what you say, this now appears to be a regional thing. Perhaps some notes on your web page making this clear would help others. I know it would have saved me a whole mess of trouble… And, yes, I am in the UK.

Sorry about that confusion. We removed the paid version from sale in the UK until this is resolved, but forgot about the free version. It is now removed.

Thanks Bruce … I bought it. First tried the free one and it worked but was too limited to really get a feel. I figured only $7 bucks was worth the risk given the other smart home investments I have made. Anyway I have it now and am trying it out. So far so good. I was expecting to find an “or” function but didn’t. I assume you implement “or” capability by just installing parallel rules? Or is there a simpler way? Rule Master uses ors and ands so I was expecting this.

Also, I didn’t see how to enable the quick triggers. Where would I find this? Is it just the big button on the main screen?

The triggers (“if this happens”/“if any of these happen”) are always ORed, because a trigger is an instantaneous event, so it doesn’t make sense to AND those. Then the conditions (“while this is true”/“while ALL of these things are true”) can be ANDed (default) or ORed. If you tap on the “ALL”, it changes to “ANY”, which ORs them together. There is not yet a way to do anything more complex such as (this AND this) OR that.

You create a QuickTap trigger by adding “QuickTap” as a trigger for the rule (all the way at the bottom of the list). Then you’ll need to enable SmartRules in your Today screen (swipe down from the top of the screen, slide down to Edit and add the SmartRules widget). Now you’ll see your rule icons in the SmartRules widget. Just tap one, and it will execute the rule.

How is time logic applied? I have rules that should only occur between two time intervals (Ex. After Sunrise AND before Sunset). However, rules contingent upon both of the time conditions don’t appear to function properly.

Also, any plans to introduce the ability to edit existing rule conditions? What about the ability to copy a rule to make minor conditional adjustments?

The times are checked for within the current day, so “After sunrise” AND “Before sunset” should work, but “Before sunrise” AND “After sunset” would never be true, you would instead need to use “Before sunrise” OR “After sunset”.

At some point, I think we’ll make a single condition for time being between two times so that it is more clear.

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!

I just stumbled upon this discussion and the app. Just wondering if it can help set up a rule like the one below
"When my schlage lock is unlocked at Night (night mode), the foyer lights should turn on and then turn off after a minute"

I can seem to do the turning on when the door is unlocked, but not the turning off after a minute

I moved from Wink to Smartthings. While ST does much more, I haven’t been able to create this rule for door open/close or door lock/unlock. Wink did this well.

Yes, SmartRules has an optional delay on actions, so you can set a rule to trigger on the door unlocking, add a condition to check if Night mode is active, then add two actions to turn on the light (with no delay) and then turn off the light with a 1 minute delay.

Beat me to it! Of course it is you app…
I used the same set up to day to put a timer on my fireplace for when I got to bed. Same deal.

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Thanks. That’s great. I just didn’t see it in the lite version, so wasn’t sure. Maybe its there in the lite version, and I just didn’t see it!