Rova Viva - Alexa in your car - $38.99


As the product description notes, this is really nothing more than a handsfree Bluetooth adapter with another app.
Everything it does can be done already with any handsfree adapter.

These look pretty neat. I want one, but my car’s lighter port is always powered, and I’m afraid of draining my battery.

How would it drain the battery? It’s just a phone charger with Bluetooth mic you pair with your phone. There are thousands of these on the market for people with car (stereo) that don’t already have Bluetooth.

Pretty sure they are talking about leaving it plugged in when the car is off…

No power draw if nothing plugged into it. Do you unplug your current phone charger, dash cam, radar detector etc, when you shut off the car?

You can’t say none… Maybe not much, but not none :wink:

It’s actually a Bluetooth microphone (dual, with noise cancellation) rather than a Bluetooth adapter. You need to connect your phone to both the Roav Viva and to your stereo (aux or Bluetooth). The app provides the Alexa functionality from what I can tell. I don’t know how you’d get the same capabilities with just a standard Bluetooth adapter.

I’m sure there would be power drain if your port is always on. It would be trying to pair with your phone if nothing else. Maybe it goes to sleep eventually though.

My phone plugs into a dashboard USB jack that turns off with the car. Unfortunately the 12v plug stays on all the time. I just figured the Viva would drain power looking for a connection or running the microphone while the car is off.

Not sure why you are attacking other people, not very nice - their concern is valid, I have had cheap chinese usb adapters drain my battery in a car that I drive a couple of times a month. even if nothing is plugged in there is power draw.

$40 to try out Alexa in the car? Sure, I’ll give it a shot. Mine will be here Sunday. :+1:t2:

My wife has one and has been happy with it. Hands free directions works pretty well although sometimes you need to tap the screen.

Why not just put an Echo Dot in the car?

How does this work? Do you have to tether the phone wifi to it?

You pair it to the phone via Bluetooth and there is an app on your phone.

Dot doesn’t have Google maps integration , Dot needs wifi and these use your phone internet connection .

FYI for any of you that have a Motorola phone (Moto Z line) capable of Moto Mods, here is another alternative to having Alexa handsfree without the need for manually opening the app on your phone or a separate Bluetooth device:

Most of the reviews I’ve seen about this have complaints about the implementation.

I’ve seen both positive and negative reviews about it, so not putting too much stock in those. Having the phone in an upright cradle in a vehicle to me would be standard operating procedure so there is no telling how people who reviewed were using the product.

I’m going to go in store in a couple of weeks and I will personally test it from both a speaker perspective (I have the JBL Moto Mod speaker so I know what to compare against) and the Alexa functionality. I will test having it forward facing, rear facing, laying down on speaker side, and then test against different varying levels of music to see how responsive she is. I will test it out exactly as it would be used in a vehicle or sitting on a desk. I will give my honest feedback / review out here knowing what some of the expectations should be, especially for the price. If I purchase this, it will have lived up to and passed those expectations. :slight_smile: