Put Alexa in your car

Alexa can be in your car too. Control ST while driving.



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This is very cool but without fast charging I’m not going to bite. I’ll use my phone + Reverb until this device has that feature.

I think the Garmin looks interesting. A lot more expensive though.

Sorry, I cant find the post anymore… but a while back someone posted here that he just put a regular echo dot in this car, connected to a USB cars charger and used his cell phone as a hot spot :slight_smile:

EDIT… found it!

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A few people were able to add a Dot to their vehicles, but have not heard of much about it since. Amazon is now going to make it easier to do that. It’s all parts of Amazon’s plan for world domination (at least in US).

Jeff Bezos before his coffee:

If you have T-mobile you can get a SyncUp drive and that gives you a hot spot in the car, leaving your phone alone.

I’ve done it more than once!

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Now we just wait for someone to put the Alexa service on one of these OBD II adapters with hot spot so it’s an all-in-one product.