Routines not working with certain devices

Oh yeah I know. I have that page bookmarked. I don’t have any single app hitting 200 yet, but a combination of some Scenes and Automations can churn quite a few.

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This may have something to do with the problems you and @Tim_Foster experienced :slight_smile:

“Some users may currently be unable to create or edit scenes or automations via the new or Classic SmartThings apps.”

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Good call Bob, thanks. I’ve set them up in the new app now. Hopefully this doesn’t take me over any weird limits.

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In short, it prevents the platform from going down.

More specifically, it prevents a resource-intensive DTH or SmartApp from spamming the platform with events or scheduling a lot of events, which can impact performance (latency) and stability. When an offending DTH or SA scales to a few tens of thousands of users, it can cause big problems without limits like this (and those problems result in a lot of product managers and engineers getting a 2am wakeup call which nobody likes…). We base rate limits and other platform policies off of sound data analysis and where those rate limits begin impacting the community in unanticipated ways, we are always open to reassessing and raising the limits if needed.

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Whilst I appreciate there must be limits in place to ensure the platform is stable, I’m not so sure that these limits aren’t overly conservative.

I think it would go a considerable way to helping everyone out (me especially) if there was a very clear definition of what’s included and what counts.

For example, I’ve read that lights are excluded. Does that mean my hard wired GE light switches are excluded from limits? or is it bulbs? What constitutes a subscription?

Detecting motion is not a schedule (that is subscription to an event), waiting for an event to happen (such as wait 5 minutes, then turn off), is.

Watch your subscriptions, there is a limit of 20 per app

From the point of view of a layman using a phone app (rather than a developer using an advanced tool to get at the base layer) I clearly don’t understand what the limits are and on what (hence @HA_fanatic putting me right yesterday on the 6 limit).

Some clear guidance, with examples using the app, would be really helpful for me, and probably a lot of other people too.

oh, and even with the new app, my Brunt Blind Engine is still ignoring commands. This morning, my stairs light came on a 5:10am when I came down. The office light and fan came on, but the blind just ignored it. I went to my phone and opened the blind with the ST app and it opened fine. I tried the scene a few times, and each time the app reports it completed, but nothing happens with the blind. When I tried the kitchen scene (GE switch and 3 Philips Hue strips) it reported that it worked but the strips didn’t respond, yet I immediately switched them on from the app

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What time zone are you in? There were issues this morning…

May or may not be relevant to your issue this morning

I’m in Mexico (so it’s 1:15pm now). I don’t think this was it though. The stairs came on but other stuff didn’t. If it was a service issue it would all fail wouldn’t it?

I’ve seen a couple things fail to turn on (and they aren’t in a scene) too. After the fix. Not sure if it’s just some “junk” working itself out. I was wondering if maybe the couple of devices had their state confused in the backend. I’ll know for sure as they day progresses.

Not necessarily. Depends on where they execute

If you’re using Smart Lighting to trigger the lights, then check the IDE to see where the devices execute. Anything LOCAL would have been fine during the outage. CLOUD devices would have failed.

Information - the new ST app is incompatible with the Samsung SM-J337 cell phone with Android v9 and 2gb RAM