Routines and scenes very unreliable

Over this year i’ve noticed routines that should work with triggers (sunset/sunirse etc) not run randomly and more annoyingly scene will only part execute at times…it all seems very random with some days everything working and other days routines only part working.
Is there a way to make them more reliable?

Routines or Smart lighting that you are experiencing issues with Sunrise/Sunset? If Smart lighting, it is a known issue and the recommendation is to switch over to Routines.

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I moved away from Smart lighting a while back so this is all in the routines section of the app.

(I only just noticed that the terminology of “scene” is now gone from the app and everything is classed a routine…it looks like my previous scenes have all be converted to routines.)

I’m finding a lot of these routines (which are just turning on lights 8-10 and setting colour and brightness) are very flakey, they often only execute a random selection of the instructions and i have to go and manually run again.

For what it’s worth, I have experienced the same issue. I set up my routines to run any device commands multiple times in order to get more reliability.

ST made the recent change with their latest app release:

  • Scenes are now called “Manually Run Routines”
  • Routine are now called “Automatic Routines”

There is a current thread on issues with Routines: Automatic routines not working as of yesterday (17 Sept 2023)

For myself, I had a couple that stopped functioning properly in mid September… the actions for all devices in the Routine would not occur. I found, deleting the Routine and recreating it solved that issue for me. Editing and saving the Routine did not work… only deleting the Routine and recreating.

But read through the thread I linked to above… there may be helpful information for you.