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Routines affecting lights

(Gene Clark) #1

Hello I have a situation when we anywhere which I may have a light on and one of my routines where my motion sensor turns on the same light at 30% dim for 5 minutes causes the light to change brightness and also tines out.

Is there a way to get this routine so it will activate that light when it’s not already on but if it is already on to leave it alone?


The easiest way to do this at this point is with Core. :sunglasses:

(David Hamilton) #3

Yes, I have my routines like away and good night, turn off and lock everything. I have all my lights and locks independently handled by Smart lighting or Core. This is the best way I’ve found to handle it.

(Jeff) #4

@GRClark I noticed in one of your recent posts you seemed to be using the CoRe app. Did you find it already compiled somewhere? I see the GetHub release candidates but not an easily installed package.

(Gene Clark) #5

Sorry for the late response, but I don’t know of anything other than what’s shown here:

Im still relatively new to this and found it to be an involved process, but have found that it’s definitely worth it. I had used WeMo before and love how CoRE gives you so much more control when creating rules.