Robots that work with SmartThings?

So, I’ve been thinking about getting my 8 year old daughter a cool ‘robot’ kit for Christmas and have been looking at a lot of different options, but here’s the question. Are there any ‘robots’ or kits out there that work with IFTTT or smartthings? The mecanno one at Costco looks like it connects to the smartphone app via wifi but it’s hard to find any real info about. Anyhow, just curious as it would be pretty awesome to be able to control a robot via smartthings pistons, etc :slight_smile:

You can build your own using the little bits kits. :sunglasses: These are expensive, but I really like them for kids who might be interested in learning electronics. Essentially these are Legos with built-in electro mechanical functions. They have their own IFTTT channel, although note that you have to include their Wi-Fi bit in your creations in order to access IFTTT. Their site also has some great project ideas for kids. And there’s no soldering, so just like Legos, you can reuse the pieces and build different things as inspiration strikes. :sunglasses:

My guess is that they will run another sale before Christmas, they usually do.

Project Gallery:

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Not much integration with IFTTT yet, but have you taken a look at this little guy? They do have an SDK with programming samples and more. Plus, it’s a lot of fun playing in the interactive mode. The possibilities are endless and I can see children’s programming games in the future.

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I’m supposed to get one of these to play with, in the near future. :slight_smile:

Barnes and Noble has a 20% off one item sale running through December 5, 2016, which could be applied to any of the LittleBits sets that they carry.

Stop posting these deals JD lol, it’s getting harder to resist :smiley:

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